Friday, July 15, 2016

Antique Quilts at Sisters

 Look at this amazing quilt! It was for sale at the show and if I would have had some cash laying around my house I would have loved to purchase it! It's beautiful! It's quirky! It gets more fun and unusual the more I look at it!
 Which way is up?
 Love the yellow and the reverse applique on the bud. They are all unique. Most of them only have 2 slits with the bud peaking through.
 Sort of a weird reverse applique around the edge. Mountains? Trees? 
 This fun ocean waves with green center was for sale.
I love this diagonal cable quilting on this simple Irish Chain.
 There was a display in the clock shop of a woman who had collected these beauties.
 So colorful!
 Low volume, but it wasn't always like that. This quilt was well executed.
 This was displayed in the men's section. The quilt top was vintage....
 And a man quilted it. Love these circles!
My Instagram feed for the week.

Monday (the 18th) we will be sharing our Porch quilts! If you have finished any of the sections and have not shown it, please send me a photo or the link to your blog. 

Have an excellent weekend!


  1. I was studying the red, green, and yellow quilt to see how it was done. A bit confusing. Had to have been partially pieced and then the applique. But how much of it was pieced is the question.

  2. Wonderful! I love quirky quilts and that lily is spectacular! Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful quilts from the show. I particularly love antique quilts!

  4. Always so fun to see antique quilts! I am madly working on my Porch basket!

  5. Thanks for showing these gorgeous quilts. The antique ones are always my favorites.

  6. Love that first quilt. So fun to study.
    Did any antique quilts come home with you this year?

  7. I missed those gorgeous quilts Lori, thanks for sharing them. I keep forgetting to check inside business, I remember the pharmacy but not others.

    That first one is amazing such lovely details. It would be fun to try and reproduce that one. Have a fabulous weekend.

  8. Classic quilts can't be beat! The Sisters Quilt Show has such a great variety of styles. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing the one you labeled so colorful as I had incorporated that block into a quilt that I made. It was featured in McCalls Quilting in the May/June issue. I love the setting of the one you shared. Sisters Quilt Show is on my bucket list!

  10. These quilts are gorgeous! What a treat to see your pictures. I love the quirkiness of that first one too - along with the handquilting! The green centres on the second one look fantastic too. thanks so much for sharing these!

  11. Beautiful vintage quilts! Believe the first one is a play on the Carolina Lilly pattern.

  12. Gorgeous antique quilts. Much as I love our modern ''prim'' quilts, these oldies are, for me, the true treasures. The Carolina Lily has an almost Art Deco feel to it, but the delicate reverse applique looks oolder. What a beauty! And I d love to know what that Snake's Trail's colors once were! Red and green?

  13. How wonderful! love them all - you have a great eye for picking up the best pictures! The peony quilt blocks are stunning and the colours as fresh as new!

  14. Love seeing the quilts, lots of beautiful antique quilts.


  15. love the first few - what wonderful hand quilting!! what a fun week on IG

  16. OMG they are all stunning !
    Thank you for the pictures Lori !

  17. Always love seeing the antique quilts, my favorites. Thank you for these pictures.

  18. Thanks for sharing all the great quilts. That first one is amazing, such a little bit of yellow makes a big impact!

  19. thanks for sharing!this show is a dream!


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