Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fun!

 Too bad this block is only prepped for applique! I've fallen behind on the 1857 quilt. Next week I think I'll have an opportunity to get caught up! Yay!
 Here is 9 other blocks waiting to be appliqued adn some will need embroidery. 
 Lee from Two Thimbles quilt shop mailed me a package this week! Here's a Peter Rabbit panel made into the cutest quilt. What's funny is my sister made my first born a Peter Rabbit quilt before she was born. I'll be bringing this to Peru with me.
 Here's a cute little jumper too  for Peru!
 Seriously, I made a little dress like this when my daughter was a toddler! That was my first foray into sewing!! Thank you so much Lee.
And here's my eclectic Instagram for the week. The madders and the shirtings are for my fall sewalong!! I'm calling it "Quilters Madder"

Love to you all. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oooh, that looks like tricky applique! cute jumpers!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I made my daughter (born in 1982) a quilt and a little pillow with that exact Peter Rabbit panel. What a blast from the past. It will be well loved in Peru. I keep trying to find a moment to make some dresses, but it looks like I may be sending a check again this year instead. Where does the time go?? I love your 1857 blocks. I did not start this one, but I have been thinking of making just a few blocks in a small quilt. Gay is such a delightful person I would like to support her endeavors!

  3. Your blocks look really good. You've got quite a pile. It's doesn't look like you are behind.

  4. The interlocking rings would be a lot of stop and start for stitching by machine. I am behind on doing the blocks too. I just have too many projects in the works.

  5. The jumper is delightful. I wonder if the maker could share the pattern's name. I would love to make one.

    1. Lee thinks it may be a pattern from Indygo Junction

  6. The prep work is a big step with a block like that. It has a lot of visual appeal.
    Sweet package from Lee!
    Fall SAL?!? WooHoo! This was the one caveat in my "No SALs" for the year. Hope I can keep up!

  7. Yes, prepping is more than half the job, so you're good!

  8. This is a fun post! I like your blocks, they are really going to be wonderful all together. The quilt and dress are so sweet and remind me of the little dresses with matching bloomer my mom sewed when I was little. And that was a looooooooong time ago!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I completely fell off the wagon on the 1857 quilt. I'm having enough trouble making my watermelons!!
    Looking forward to seeing you next week!!


  10. that is darling peter rabbit fabric for a quilt!

  11. Intricate applique! Your blocks look great. The little jumper is so cute, it reminds me of your apron you just made.

    A Fall madder?!--how tantalizing. I m pretty sure I have about zero madders though.

  12. Your blocks are wonderful! Some lucky little girl is going to get a darling quilt and jumper. Would love to see the look of surprise on her face. Bless you for all you do for those children. :)

  13. Somebody in Peru is going to be cute and comforted!

  14. You've made wonderful appliqué blocks and the little dress very cute !

  15. Cute mail to open! I have a few dresses I want to make for you. A fall SAL sounds great!

  16. Such a beautiful applique block, have never seen anything like that pattern. You will enjoy stitchting that. And very sweet quilt and jumper.


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