Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Machine Sewing on A Wednesday

I actually got a chance to sit at the machine yesterday! 

One of my favorite stars is the sawtooth, so a double sawtooth is double the fun!
As a leader/ender I made this cute little doll size quilt using Linda's orphan patches she sent me. The quilt measures about 12x15. We are camping this weekend and thought a little hand quilting would be fun to take.
This little fabric piece came from France, what fun memories of that trip with my daughter and meeting quilt friends.

And this little blue piece is an antique piece that a friend shared with me. Isn't is lovely?

I treasure my quilting and blogging friends. I'm still feeling a little empty after my mom's loss. Sewing and friendship helps a lot.

Love to you all. Make it a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You are so right. You can't go wrong with a saw tooth star! I love the little doll quilt. It is so much fun to use special fabrics that evoke special memories. And, there is something so satisfying about making a little doll quilt and actually finishing something. You have inspried me to make on this weekend. Have a great camping trip.

  2. I love your double sawtooth star and you know what ? I've never done a double like yours !!
    The doll quilt is beautiful and the fabrics are pretty and I remember too our great meeting in Paris !
    It's a good memory which still stays in my heart... :)

  3. have yet to get to my machine this week...some tying of charity quilts, some hand binding so far but still time left! sewing does soothe the soul...

  4. I marvel at all you have going on and that you can still squeeze in some stitching here and there.
    Love star-within-a-star blocks. The always make me smile--like a little surprise within a pretty box.
    You have dealt with a lot of loss in a short amount of time, really. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  5. Great little quilt!! And I never met a star I didn't love.
    I hope we will be able to meet up next week!~
    Huge hugs,

  6. Love your Star, wonder what it will *be*!? And the doll quilt is so sweet. The blue fabric is gorgeous..nice as our modern fabrics are, the antique fabrics are so much more detailed and beautiful. Have a fun camp ing trip!


  7. They sure do help! Love your blocks. Isn't it amazing how little bits of fabric evoke memories?

  8. Very sweet little quilt! I love that old blue fabric - it's wonderful. Your handling will add some lovely texture. Double sawtooth is a favorite of mine too - enjoy!!

  9. Your doll quilt will turn out like a sweet candy and hand quilt will made it a precious one. I love to do hand quilting, too, it relax me.
    You are still in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. The blue stripe caught my eye. I like it very much. It retained its color even being an antique piece of fabric.

  11. I love your special fabrics memory quilt. Though I don't know you well, I do know how you're feeling. My Dad passed 3 weeks ago from Alzheimers. Even though we had 15 years of mourning & grieving losses of him, the final loss is unexpectedly difficult. Sewing & creating does help. Sending a long distance hug, best wishes.

  12. what a cute dolly quilt :) I just love the ninepatch. That blue sparkes!

  13. Love the doll quilt. Awesome fabrics in there! Great work.
    The pain and the emptiness will dull up eventually. Going camping is a great idea. Enjoy it and the stitching. Hugs. ;^)

  14. I love those scrappy 9-patches and that there are fabrics with a story behind them. Makes it extra special!

  15. Sawtooth stars are one of my favorites too! Keeping busy is good as well as enjoying God's creation.


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