Thursday, June 18, 2009

Displaying Quilts

Janet at Quiltsalott mentioned her stacks of quilts. When people visit there is no doubt I am a quilter. My quilts are pretty much spread out all over the house, over chairs, on walls, on racks and on beds. Here are just a few in my bedroom. The rack is nothing fancy but I love it. I saw an article on Jan Patek in a magazine and she had something similar, so I had my brother make this for me.

I'd like to see how you display some of your quilts. Maybe you could take some time this week to take a few photos and post them on your blog. Or if you don't have a blog send them me and I will post your photos on my blog. What do you think?


  1. The rack intrigues me.
    You must post about the time I spend reading blogs because I am often your first commentor.

  2. I love your rack! I keep searching for a spot in my home for something similar. I have a cabinet in the entry of my home full of quilt and then a few displayed here and there. I'll have to share some recent pictures on my blog soon. Thank you for sharing yours!

  3. Wonderful job at displaying your
    quilty goodness!!!

  4. That such a great quilt rack. I like your other displays, too, especially the rolled up quilts in the basket. Your quilts are beautiful.

  5. I love how you display your quilts. My quilts are piled on a chair and I display a few at a time. I recently purchased a curtain rod with clips. Now I just need to find a wall! Also, I plan on making a quilt ladder.

  6. Love your display! and you have lovely quilts on it!!!!

  7. Very cool quilt rack! What a great way to show off lots of your quilts. I love seeing your quilts in stacks and baskets also! Looks like your home is a snuggly place!

  8. I love pictures of quilts on display. I look forward to those you share. The rack is great and you can see more of the quilts, but my favorite look is rolled in a basket.

  9. Todos tus trabajos son adorables.


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