Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crumbs in the Sewing Room

I've been digging through and cleaning out a few areas of my sewing room that needed attention. I mentioned last week "crumbs"; those bits and pieces of blocks that seem to multiply as fast as my scraps. Where did these come from?! I recognize a few, like the flying geese strips from the RR Crossing quilt and a Rupp block that I obviously didn't have the colors figured out. (it is still pretty cute though huh?) but I really think someone snuck in here at night and dropped of the drunkards path blocks and about a hundred HST in all sizes.
I'm not sure if the plan is still to work on these over Sisters week or not, but I am determined to do something with them.
Aren't you glad I didn't have a drawing for these? Ha, I'd probably have a negative reader amount!!


  1. I could easily add to your parts and pieces.

  2. Why is it we always seem to have pieces left over like this? It seems to happen way to often!

  3. Where do these things come from? Really, where?

  4. You'd be amazed what quilters will take off your hands! I just bet you turn these into something wonderful.

  5. All the crumbs look like they could become something very neat. I can see it!!

  6. I'd like to be a mouse in your sewing room. Those are some great crumbs you've got there.


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