Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excitement This Week

This dangerous fellow made his way in my backyard this week! He was rattling his tail at my dog, thankfully, he heeded the warning. If I hadn't come outside I'm not sure how long he would have though. I called hubby and my son was on his way home and they scooped it into this bucket with a rake and dropped him far from my address! You can click to enlarge.


  1. OH MY! Snakes my biggest phobia! Thank goodness your dog stayed away! Sigh!

  2. OMG....... That's so scary.....
    Good to hear that your dog stayed away....

  3. Reason number 356 why I'm glad I live in the UK. The cat could kill the biggest things we have in the garden here. LOL!

    Glad everything was cool though.

  4. A big yuck! I wouldn't have wanted to run across that guy. We have snakes here but I have not seen a poisonous one yet. We did have a very large yellow snake working it's way around the house quite some time ago. I thought big snakes like that lived in a zoo!

  5. That's a lot more excitement than I would have been able to handle! I would have had a heart attack!!!

  6. Enlarging the picture is the only close-up of that fellow I ever want to see.


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