Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road Trip Down Memory Lane

I thought I would load another photo so we wouldn't have to continue to see the snake in a bucket!
Last fall my sister and I took my mom on a short road trip to visit her sister. Just a short ways off the road was the old home and ranch my grandmother used to live so we took a bit of a detour to see it. As a kid I don't remember it being this beautiful! We didn't make it to Grandma's often and what I remember was a big box of comic books and my grandma's "paint" room. (and the bulls, as I was a city kid from Seattle) Now that I'm an adult I realize she did many more crafts then just painting. Her embroidery and crochet are just perfect. The Memory Bouquet quilt blocks are patterns I found with her things. After she widowed she moved closer to my town, but never did realize how creative and talented she was until after her death. I have very fond memories of my Grandmother and I'm named after her- Loretta Rose, to be precise.


  1. Those trips down memory lane can be not only beautiful . . . but enlightening, too *s*

  2. Lori, this is the first time I have visited your blog and I noticed on your profile you are in Central Oregon, then in one of your posts you mention "Sisters Week". I just wondered if you are referring to Sisters Oregon and being busy due to the outdoor quilt show this month? My sister in law in a quilt guild president in Prineville Or, but lived in Sisters for years and she too is swamped due to the Sisters Quilt Show. Her name is Mardyth Peterson and is (obviously, lol) married to my brother. Just curious, it is after all, a small world. Before I close I have to tell you how beautiful your quilts are and I love the way you display them. Wonderful.

  3. Last I saw either of my grandmother's or my mother's home, I was amazed at how small they looked. They seemed big when I was a child.

  4. Those memories are great, I had am aunt just like that I used to stay with. I think she fuelled my love of sewing.


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