Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Sunriver Sewathon

This is Max. We think he is getting the quilting gene. Anytime we tried to layout our quilt blocks he thought he needed to walk all over them. When he needed a nap he would find a corner of a quilt or quilt top and lay on it. He loved to push our sewing machine pedals when we weren't paying attention. He was a good distraction when we needed to get up and stretch.

I haven't had a chance to show you what the other girls were working on during our sewathon. The next few are Randy's quilts. (Max belongs to her too)

Two baby quilts she had machine quilted. She had just picked them up when I took these photos. She got the binding sewn on both of them!

This one is her polka dot quilt. It is such a wonderful happy quilt with some adorable fabric!

Randy was a machine. She got bleary eyed from so many 9 patches, but she persevered and got this top together. I love the chrome yellow and red!
She didn't actually work on the pineapple blocks while I was there this time. Randy and Bonnie are doing these crazy small paper pieced beauties.


  1. Hi Lori, I wanted you to know I follow your blog and really enjoy checking out your quilts and your friends' quilts. You are an amazing artist and I am greatful you take the time to share with us! Thank you, Elaine from Texas

  2. I'm glad I don't have the only dog who likes to run the sewing machine! Wonderful quilts - your friends got so much done. I love the polka dot quilt. I saw a polka dot house quilt at the Portland guild show - these are both a whole new way to think about a theme.

  3. Wonderful eye candy - thank you for sharing, Lori. I love the red and chrome yellow and the one with the polka dots - very cute.

  4. Love Randy's quilts, thanks for sharing with us.
    OH yes I need to make a little red and white nine patch like this too
    nothing like red and chrome yellow in mho!

  5. great quilts. I tried to snag a photo of a friends quilt but she didn't want to play unfortunately. Love the quilt from the last post too, gorgeous just like all your quilts.

  6. Max is so cute!!!!! He know the good things in life.


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