Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This first quilt top was done by Pat. Isn't it wonderful?! She churned out the machine applique as fast as I was piecing. I was really impressed.
I was sure I took pictures of her other projects but I can't find any photos so I must not have. (boo-hoo) While at the Stitchin' Post she bought an apron pattern and whipped 2 of them out in nothing flat! And she did a gorgeous table topper in wonderful cheddars, reds, and greens by Jo Morton.

Cathi was working diligently on setting these tiny 4 patches. She brought a massive bag of them that she had been swapping. I think they finish at 2"!!! After she got this far she decided to switch projects.
I'm sure these 9" blocks seemed large and simple after working on the 4 patches. I think she told me she has this top together. Isn't it charming?

Unfortunately (for you) Bonnie's projects were top secret so no photos.


  1. Great projects and fun to look at what others are doing while I am wilting in this weird summer heat we are having - too hot to sew!

  2. Oh my goodness.. so many wonderful quilts.. I love them all!!! :o)

  3. I love that 4 patch with sashing & cornerstones. What size are the squares?

  4. What's the quilt on the wall behind Cathi? I love basket quilts.

    How's the weather on your side of the mountains today? It's supposed to hit an unheard of, record tying 107 here. That's too hot for sewing.

  5. All pretties! Liking what I see..this is why I keep coming back for more. :-)

  6. Impressive works in progress there. I love the stars, I'll have to remember that block, it's great.

  7. Love, love, love the tiny four patches!


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