Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sue Spargo Quilts

I am totally inspired by Sue Spargo and her wool quilts. I've made one and found it to be a beast to quilt, but I am tempted to try again, especially after seeing these.

You can see my Ginger Grove quilt by Sue Spargo here.


  1. Those are really pretty. I've heard that's it's hard to quilt wool.

  2. Lori, I love doing the wool applique but had found the wool difficult to quilt as well. I went to #5 perle (or pearl) cotton with a large eyed needle. You have to retrain yourself to make bigger stitches but it's fun if you can get into it. I have found trying to do traditional quilting on wool is almost like trying to do it on flannel. The stitches disappear! This might help, hope so. Good luck, and I love Sue Spargo too! Elaine from Texas

  3. I have a small quilt done with mostly wool that I have not tried to quilt as yet - it is a Janet Bolton pattern. I too love the Sue Spargo quilts. I almost bought her most recent book yesterday but decided to put it on my Christmas list instead. Now you need to show the quilt that you made too.

  4. I love these quilts but I'm avoiding them, it would mean another stash of stuff.

  5. I love her quilts but boy would that be a project!

  6. oh it would mean I need a stash of wool
    I have been collecting her books though...I know I will give in one of these days!


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