Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stack Of Pumpkins

I've been concentrating on getting these stack of wooly pumpkins done. Ta-Da! This was one of the patterns I picked up from Wooden Spool Designs at the quilt show. Parts of it were a bit tricky, but overall I think it will make a nice fall addition to my house.

If you are curious the pattern is actually the stack of tomatoes, just worked in a different color to make them pumpkins.


  1. LOVE your pumpkins. Came by your blog via Quilting Blogs and plan on making your blog a "regular". It feels so warm and comfy here.

    And, anyone that has pumpkins is perfect in my world...LOL

  2. I love the pumpkins! What a great idea!

  3. Very nice! Love the wool texture on the pumpkins.

  4. So cute! Very smart of you ;o)

  5. Wool! Love those pumpkins. I don't think I have enough orange wool to do that project. I just recently bought a pattern for a wool pumpkin pin cushion. I do have enough for that project.

  6. How fun, love the stack. It is nice to have taller decorations to layer in a "tableau", isn't it? I just used a candle holder to raise a wool pumpkin on my entry desk. Thanks for sharing.


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