Monday, October 12, 2009

More Lone Star

Isn't this amazing? What a lot of work the maker invested in this quilt!

After last week's post about Lone Stars I wanted to share with you two great links. You may have seen them if you left a comment, but if not, please check them out and read the stories that go along with the quilts.

Rose Marie's first large quilt was a Lone Star. It is a beautiful quilt, but the construction techniques were a little, let's say, dated. LOL Applique 'n Patch.

The next quilt is beautiful and has a warm, wonderful story to go with it. Check it out at Bingo Bonnie's


  1. beautiful quilt
    I have wanted to make one of these for a long time
    just nervous about making it lay flat!!!!
    off to read the links you provided

  2. My word - this quilt cries "Work", it's beautiful!

  3. You've been showing some very pretty star quilts. Wish they were in my own collection.

  4. That is a wow quilt, a stunner and perfect colours for Autumn. Thanks for mentioning the links.

  5. I started a Lone Star quite some time ago but never completed it. I looked for it yesterday but can't find it. Had been under the guest room bed in a container but guess I moved it elsewhere. Hope it is to the sewing room closet and not a thrift store.

  6. What a beautiful and rich Lone Star quilt I am currently working on one that I have been posting pattern is by Minich and Simpson in American Patchwork quilting
    . I live blocks away for Applique and Patchwork so I will have to revisit her creation


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