Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Start and a Finish

Here is block one of Land of the Free by Piece O' Cake Designs. If you remember I saw this fantastic quilt at the NW Quilting Expo and couldn't resist.
Here are a few of the 4" stars I am making as a border for the medallion. My original plan was to put them on point, but I wasn't thrilled with it, so I need to make a couple more dozen. I love Sawtooth Stars! The first "test" block I made came out to 5". I still don't have any idea how hat happened!

I finished this wall hanging on Saturday. The one in the magazine had a couple of buttons, but even though I have an extensive button collection I didn't like any of them on this wall hanging. I think when I have it displayed with my other Christmas decorations it won't look quite so plain.
You all had a lot to say about your rulers!! I figured my collection would be rather tame compared to others, and it was!
OK, do you have chipped, broken rulers that should really go in the trash but you just can't bear to throw them away? Recycle them into acrylic templates!!! How cool is that idea?!
Vivian shared with me her hubby makes them for her and wrote a blog post about it. Thanks so much Vivian for the wonderful idea!! Read her post here.


  1. I love how that wall hanging turned out - don't think it's too plain at all.

    I have a lot of rulers too - but you seem more organised! I have favourites that I always seem to grab, and other specialty rulers I haven't tried yet...

  2. You have been very busy stitching away. Your eagle block turned out very good! How many quilts do you have eagles in?

    And the new piece for Christmas looks fine to me the way it is. I'd probably have to shop for buttons if I made it as I only have a small selection of buttons. Wish I had all I have given away over the years.

  3. I like your finish - very nicely quilted! I have an old broken ruler but I'm not going to recycle it - its just the perfect length when I'm cutting 13 inch strips... lol.

  4. The wall hanging looks great and the eagle block is wonderful. I'm really fond of sawtooth stars as well. You have been making some lovely things.

  5. Great wall hanging.
    Like you I love the Sawtooth Star. It's so quick and easy to make up

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. Love your Eagle and the cute stars and the nice Pear tree quilt. nice work!


  7. The quilting on the wallhanging is just right!! I did a "zoom" on your picture and really like the plaid you added as the border.

  8. What a great eagle block! And your pears finished up just delicious *s*

  9. Your bird in a pear tree is darling! I am attracted to that pattern as well. And what a great eagle! Nice job!

  10. I was trying to resist buying that magazine, but after seeing your quilt, I know own it. ;-) I liked the quilt by Cheri Ralson, too. Your quilt turned out great! And, I love your eagle, too.


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