Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilters Rule (r) !!

How many rulers does a quilter need? No, this is not a riddle, but maybe it should be.

My stash of rulers is probably very moderate, but to me it feels ridiculous. (ever see the hoarding show?)

How many of these look familiar? Which ones do you actually use?(frequently) If you could only have one ruler which one would it be?

The Setting Triangle
9 1/2" square
24"x6" (used often!)

Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler (makes 2 sizes- woo-hoo!)
June Taylor slotted ruler for making strips(hanging in my closet- what a dog)
How about the dritz hemming ruler?! How many of you have THAT one in your sewing room?
Does anybody keep broken rulers in case you need it?

Easy Angle
Scrap Saver
Add a quarter
Add a seam??
2 bias squares 6" and 6 1/2"

2 1/2" square
2- 6" squares (I bet you are thinking I really like the 6" ruler huh)
4" square
12 1/2" square

When I thought I was done I found one more. 8" x 4" I wonder if there are more hiding under fabric fearing they may get tossed!?

If I could choose just one I'd take the 12 1/2" square, although I really like the 24"x6".


  1. I dare say that I have just as many, if not a few more if you count templates and gadgets like the Fons & Porter binding tool too.

  2. I only have three rulers.
    6 x 24
    6 1/2"
    12 1/2"

    So far that's seen me through everything

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. I think I have all that you do, plus some more. I need them all even if I only used something once. You know what they say about the right tools...

  4. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 rulers and I use all of them! I find that having the perfect one for every occasion really helps. My favorites are the 3 new Creative Grids ones I have gotten in the last few months.

  5. I thought you got into my rulers! Oh yes, I have many myself and it is ridiculous! I do find I have favorites and a few...never unwrapped!

  6. I'm sure I have your beat in the number of rulers. I love my complete set of Nifty Notions rulers and adore my little 6" rulers... I have 4 of those. I right tool makes the job so much more pleasant.

  7. My ruler collection is similar to yours. If I could only have 3 rulers, I would go with the 6 X 24, the 6 1/2 X 12, and the 12 1/2 square. If I could have more, I would add in the Fit to be Geese ruler, the 6 1/2 inch square ruler, and the 16 inch square. Oh, and the Bias Square ruler!
    Interesting question!

  8. 9 1/2" square - I don't have that one!! Note to self: get 9 1/2" square. One that I do have and that I don's see here is the presision square it up..6 1/2".. at first it seems redundent to some other squares, but has far fewer lines on it and is soooooo much easier to use on all those Jo blocks are are small. Now the ONE that would be the only would be 24" X 8 1/2" but really they all have their place, the secrect of course is for them to be put in their place so you can use them as needed.

  9. I recognize several of those from my ruler stash too, which I think is ridiculous. I have some that I just had to have that I saw on other blogs and have never used. The ones I use on a regular basis are my 6x24 and one that I think is 6x12. But I still continue to collect them! Yikes!

  10. have made me laugh at myself......and the one I use the most is chipped on one corner..LOL

    Will I give any away? I doubt it..LOL

  11. Have to fess up that I too have the Dritz hem ruler...but I had to buy it for a class on making a bed skirt.

  12. Wow, and I thought that I was a ruler hog!! I didn't realize how many I actually had until I redid my craft room and really organized everything. I was shocked. But I will probably use them all (well, someday).

  13. For a very long time I had my 24 x 6 and a 6 inch square, no longer, lol. I do love my 12 1/2 inch square and use it alot. I use my smaller rulers with 1/8 inch markings to proof my sewing for size.

  14. Am I only allowed to pick one? I love my 6.5 square and 6 x 24 but my favourite and most recent purchase, a 20.5 x 20.5 inch - it's wonderful for cutting BIG block backgrounds.

  15. I've got probably five or six rulers I use a lot, all different, but can think of a few more I'd like! Your collection seems pretty thorough :) And, yes, I do have the Dritz hemming ruler!

  16. My collection of rulers is too big to be logical. If they're on sale, or if someone recommends one, or if a class requires one--I buy it.

    I have quite a group of squares for squaring up blocks-- not required, but so handy!

    I had to laugh when reading Cindy's comment. My new favorite ruler 4x14" has a chip on the corner too.

    A couple rulers have cracked or the markings had worn off. My handy, sweet husband has turned them into specialty rulers for me -- tumblers of various sizes, triangles, etc. He's worth his weight in acrylic!

  17. well do I have to say how many I own?
    I have a ruler collection that makes me happy :)
    I love having the right ruler for the right job.

    now lets talk about how many spools of thread do we have?

  18. I have 9 rulers and only because I have restrained myself from purchasing more of them. My favorite and first ruler is the 6 x 24 that I bought when I started my first quilting class. I use it the most.

  19. My favorite is the Omnigrid 15" square, but that 6 x 24" comes in right handy *S* And yes, I do keep the broken ones . . . . well, not broken/cracked but with chipped corners. You just never know when it might come in handy.

  20. This is too funny. Just today I pulled out some old omnigrid rulers where the numbers have worn off. I just stashed them back when I got new ones. Why do we do that? Do I think I can't use a NEW ruler to draw a straight line with, so I'm going to save the old ones just in case?

    There needs to be a place where old rulers go to die..AND NOT COME BACK!!


  21. Gosh, I'd have a very difficult time if I had to choose. I have three organizers to house all of my rulers and I have some odd ball shaped ones that don't fit in it too. The one that gets the most use is my 12 1/2" x 6", but it wouldn't work well for some tasks.

  22. I have all your rulers too...I know it is so bad that we have to have so many rulers. Just think if we have to go back in the past without them. I think your favorite rulers are the ones I use most of the time too.

  23. Happy you!!
    Guess it's like comfy over there, as I need to have the rulers in two measutres, both inches and centimeters, because I have the "mixed" pleasure of books and instructions in English and European languages, with centimeters and inches parading side by side. Moreover, as there are some books translated from American to Dutch, with inaccurate and random substitution of the inches to centimeters and around, those books have to be there twice as well... 8:{
    Same is for the sewing machines, two feederplates on my two machines, yes! one in inches and one in centimeters. Now that I'm writing this, insanity is lurking through the window. The ultimate ruler, both cm and inch, is still not there! At least, the wall where I hang the rulers is still not covered entirely, so next uniform measure - let's say centinches - can still be discovered and brought out into the shops. LOL

  24. I have the Dritz EZ Hem ruler, bought in the 60's. Is yours that old? Do they still make it?

  25. A few of you are on "noreply" which means I cannot reply to your comment or question. Boo-Hoo!
    If you need to know how to change that setting, please email me.

  26. If I could only have one ruler: it would be my All In One Ruler (By Cathy Wierzbicki for That Patchwork Place) which is a 6x12" with an Easy Angle added on to one end and markings to cut quarter square triangles (1"-6" finished) from strips on the other.

    However since I CAN have more than one my additional MUST HAVES are my 6x24", 6-1/2" and 15" square (but I long to buy the 20") and my 12x18" June Tailor Shape Cut (I can't believe you don't like yours! I could not cut multitudes of strips and squares for projects without it! Well I could but it'd be really slow going!!)

    Hororable Mentions go to Diagonal Sets ruler, Flying Geese Rulers, the Cut-A-Round, Tri-Recs rulers, the Pineapple Ruler, Kalidoscope and 60 degree angle rulers.

    I agree with those who stressed having the right tool for the job is key to turning those WIPs into Finis!


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