Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Day to Enter Your Quilt

I was so happy to see so many Cheddar Cheese & Crackers quilts! Thank you all for posting your link. I sure hope you have enjoyed seeing the quilts as much as I have.
Today is the last day to enter your link or send me a photo and I'll draw 2 names tonight for the lovely reproduction fabrics shown. I had to add the most amazing (-ly bright) cheddars to the stack!! Seriously, they may need a bit of coffee stain!!! Do you like the way I hid them in the center?

It has been a crazy week so far. We got a new computer system in our auto parts store and yesterday was the first day up and running. We are almost too old to learn new tricks!!! After a late Monday night and a whirlwind day yesterday we are onto day two. We have the computer guy and our salesman here the whole week to hold our hand and train. Shucks, too bad I have a quilt class in the morning!!!

With all that said I'll post the winners of the drawing in the morning although I probably won't be able to get them mailed until Monday.

Have a great day! Looks like sunny skies here in Central Oregon.


  1. I'm glad you like my quilt. It is one of my favorites.
    We are also having sunny skies today. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. I visited all blogs and enjoyed seing all versions. THANK YOU for CC &C, Mr Linky and wonderful repro fabrics !

  3. hi lori,where can i look at all those cheddar quilts,susi

  4. oh does it count I am still agonizing on which fabrics to use for it????
    what wonderful piles of fabrics you have there!
    I loved seeing everyones version of your pattern
    thanks, I will make it soon, it needs to be included on my wall of little quilts

  5. I sure enjoyed seeing all the versions of CC&C too. Thanks Lori!

  6. Lori,
    A wonderful and successful Sew a Long. I enjoyed everyone, and now I have your pattern I will enjoy using my Jo Morton prints and make one too!! All your entries are definitely deserving of a prize!!

  7. This has been so much fun and so neat to see everyone's quilts! Thanks so much for holding the quilt-along!

  8. Boo, hoo! The link doesn't allow more than one from a blog. Vicki put hers in already, so mine can be seen on the blog:
    It is today's post (Feb. 10), entitled "Border Disputes".

  9. after seeing the stacks of fabulous fabrics i'm really sorry that i don't have one to put in the showcase~!~ am off to admire all of those now~!~


  10. Finally, Lori! I finished the quilt top this afternoon. It was such a fun quilt to make. I thought I would make 2, but one is enough. I am # 29 on your list. Got in just under the deadline! Thanks for hosting this quilt-along. It's been great fun!

  11. I did not participate in the quilt-a-long but it sure was fun seeing all the participant's quilts. Thanks to you all! And may the lucky winner have great fun with those deserve it :)


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