Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Winners Are......

I had my unbiased hubby draw from a bowl of names... cut the same size as to not offer an advantage to any one person......
Congratulations to all of you for playing along with me! I've had so much fun I may have to do it again later in the year.

Woo-Hoo! To Jan from What a Load A Scrap who was the last entry
And Miriam at Yellow Rose Quilts who was almost last!!!

Please send me addresses and I'll get the packages ready to mail this weekend.

Happy sewing!!


  1. Ohhh My Goodness me!!!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you very much, Lori.......and Mr Humble Quilts for pulling my name from the bowl!
    I just got on here to check how the corners are done on the quilt and found my name!
    Congratulations to Jan too!
    Thank you for your great Quilt a long, Lori.
    This quilt is great fun!

  2. Congratulations Jan and Miriam. I had so much fun making this little project. It was like taking a class with a bunch of really nice quilters without having to leave my sewing room. The show and tell part has been a real treat. We are all winners since we now have our own adorable little quilt.

  3. You have got to be kidding me! I never win. Wow, and such a fabulous prize. I'm so excited. Thanks!

  4. Hope you do another sew along some time. I would love to have a go. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  5. What a very nice give-away! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's quilts and it was such a clever way to get them all posted. Thanks again Lori! I love my little cheddar quilt!

  6. hello! how are you?
    happy valentine 2010 *_*

  7. Congrat's to Jan and Miriam on their wins. I totally agree with Julie. We're all winners with our own little quilts.
    If you decide to do this again, I'm in. A class from the comfort of my own home.


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