Monday, May 24, 2010

The Fun Continues...

We had a great weekend. The rain held off at the graduation ceremony until the graduates were leaving the outdoor stadium. We had a surprise up our sleeve for Friday night's dinner where we presented my son with his eticket to Denmark!! I did about 18 loads of laundry yesterday and today we are shopping for a few things he'll need for his trip. We will pick up my daughter in Portland then drive him to Seattle where he flies out tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing my SIL, but will be out of town until later this week.

I'll leave you with a couple more beautiful quilts from the quilt show I attended recently.

I think this is such a fun quilt and I love the appliqued scalloped border.

I have no desire to make this type of quilt but I sure can appreciate the beauty of it.

What a terrific classic pattern. And hand quilted!

Can you believe this applique?! Blew me away!!

Here are two wonderful quilts done up in my favorite fabrics- reproductions!!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Catching up with your blog was such a treat. Congratulations to your son, sounds like a wonderful young man with a bright future.
    Love all your quilts and it sounds like we share a birthday month, almost to the day.

  2. There is a lot of leaves on that one applique quilt. My kind of colors.

  3. Thanks for all the eye candy this morning Lori. Have a safe trip!

  4. what a fabulous surprise!
    Rich and I would like to visit his "mother country" Denmark one day.
    Love all the beautiful applique quilts today.
    hoping to finish the SF top today -

  5. I've enjoyed all the pictures of the quilt show. We seem to like the same things. I was finishing up another project and so didn't participate in the last quilt-a-long (and felt like I cheated myself). Maybe next time.........

  6. What a lovely surprise for your son.
    Thanks for sharing the quilts.

  7. I appreciate seeing the quilts. The 2nd quilt from the end is especially interesting. I think I have the pattern, but the quilt maker varied the pattern and put the blocks on point. Love the different look.

  8. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend and those quilts are amazing. So much work in the applique.

  9. of course all of the quilts are great but i LOVE the viney applique border on that last reproduction quilt~!!~ there's something about mixing pieced quilt blocks with applique that i find very appealing . . .

    congrats to your son and the family on the milestone. i hope he has a wonderful time on his trip.

    have FINALLY finished up the piecing on the strawberry fields blocks and am now considering some choices for the setting. if you would like to offer your thoughts check them out on my blog.


  10. Lovely quilts you have shown. Have a wonderful time with your family!

  11. Having family time is great!

    Great quilt showing too!!

  12. Thank you for the quilt show! I loved this post! I am proud of your dear son.

  13. Thanks for sharing some of the quilts in this lovely quilt show! No, I can not muster up the desire to the do the art quilts either, but SURE DO LOVE THEM!!!!
    I just know I won't have the patience. Amazing to me how someone can put scissors to fabric and create such works of art! :)


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