Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a Party!!

Two more houses completed on my wonky houses!! The center top is called Double Martini and the upper right is called Two a Tee.
I'm making a few little gifts and I love these birds. The purple one will have to wait for legs until I can find a few more long beads. I think they are really cute, but are they kind of dorky too? Would you like it if a friend gave you one? Sometimes I'm so unsure of myself. They are little scissor fobs and the pattern is by Sue Spargo.

I got a discount half my age at the Stitchin' Post and have had my eye on this wonderful book by Renee Plains for a few weeks now.

It has a few quilts in it, but I rarely use patterns for the quilts I make. I loved all the little "sewing needfuls" craft projects she added to this book.

I finally found some of this cotton stuffing on my last road trip! I only had to use a little to stuff the birds but I know I like it better than poly already.

I purposely don't write about a lot of family stuff but I have to today. I hope you don't mind.

We bought our daughter a car when she was 16. It was a used 1991 Toyota. She is 26 now and she has still been driving her Toyota, regardless of it not having much power, being hit by a large firetruck, and having 240,000 miles on it.

It just happened to work out for her to buy my old car. She came down this past weekend and picked up her "new" car. She was so excited!!
"Mom, let's have dad take a picture of us with our new cars". I love this photo!!

My baby is graduating from college on Saturday. I found out today his 4 year gpa average is 3.66 and this last semester was 4.00!! He has loved school so much and we've seen him grow in so many ways.

In high school he went with a friend to Block Island, RI and worked for the summer. Then after graduation he did an exchange with AFS to Denmark for a year. He is always up for an adventure. (nice shoes he has on, eh? )
So, I am off to Portland in the morning to start the celebrations. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Congrats on the college graduation. where is he graduating from? Have a safe drive over the pass and enjoy your weekend.


  2. Enjoy the party. Great to have happy good kids. Love the house blocks and would like to get my hands on Renee Plains book.

  3. I like the name "Double Martini". Certainly funky looking houses!
    That Toyota certainly lasted a long, long time.
    And congratulations on the college graduate! Good to get one through to the end.

  4. Oh, SO fun to see your big sweeties! WHOO HOO!
    And, yes, I would like a bird...they are sweet. Who doesn't like birds?


  5. Cute birdies and houses!
    It is always fulfilling to see our children mature responsibly. Good for you! Enjoy the festivities! :)

  6. Gosh, so much fun in this post -
    The house are wonderful - love love them all -
    The car photos with your daughter is just great. Once my mother bought my car, it was a white ford mustange with blue interior, circa 1980 - oh yea!
    I've made several of the Sue Spargo birds. I've made them into pins. On one of them I used I strung baby beads (the letter beads) and spelled "cluck cluck" - it was fun.
    Have a wonderful time celebrating you son's accomplishments - cheers!

  7. Love your little houses and birds. I think they look great. I love Renee Plains' patterns and I must keep a look out for that book. I haven't seen it here.

    Congratulations on your son's graduation and have a lovely weekend celebrating.

  8. Have a wonderful time! You have much to be proud of.

    whopetat: a cry often heard at graduation celebrations, often accompanied by a mortarboard toss

  9. Love the house party--Double Martini, what a crack up!

    No, not dorky on the bird project, very cute really!

    Used cars can last much longer than people realize. My 1992 Acura has 183,000 miles on it! Cute photo of you and your cars. Congratus to the graduate, and here's to many more adventures. Cheers!

  10. Hit by a firetruck - yikes! It's a fun picture of both of you and your new cars :0) Congrats on your son's grad!
    I don't think the birds are dorky at all.

  11. There's nothing like new car even if it was yours. Congratulations for getting your kids this far, yay.
    As for the houses, wow, love love them and same for the birds. Funky and special but I do know what you mean about being unsure. Rest assured, they're great, I love them.

  12. The birds are so cute! If anyone thinks they're dorky, so what? The bird book looks like a good one to get for your birthday too. It's fun to see pictures of family now and then. You must be proud of your kids!

  13. Love your wonky houses quilt! Just so fun to break away from reproduction and prim quilts once in a while and make a quilt where you may have to wear sunglasses! Congrats to both of your children and their Mom!

  14. Congratulations to your son for graduating with such a great GPA, to your daughter for buying the car, and to you and your husband for being good parents and guiding them both. Well done! Have a wonderful time celebrating.

  15. Oh Lori! Congratulations on the graduation of your son. Gosh I can't imagine how wonderful this all must feel for you. I actually feel a few tears just behind my eyes. Just so darn happy for you, friend. Very much luv. So much so I forgot to mention how I love your houses, how great the new to daughter car is for her. That makes me happy, too! Yeah. And friend, I think your little bird gifts are fantastic. Who wouldn't love one of those? So much so I got up to see what neat beads I had left over from my mother's last visit. All I have is swollen arthritic knees. No legs. :< Sorry. ...and I could have contributed, too. Shucky Darns.

  16. Love those "olives" with the Double Martini houses.
    Congratulations to the college graduate. They grow up way too fast.

  17. Wooooo, Love your funky houses, they are sooooo cute!!!! I also love your fabric choices for those blocks. So happy-cheer colors. :-)

  18. Oh, Lori...there are those darling houses again! I just get a kick out of seeing these houses being built. Darling birds!!

  19. I'm late now graduation happened. How was it? How wonderful to have them out of school now too! :-)

  20. Love your house blocks. Also love anything by Renee. Her stuff is awesome.
    Congrats to your daugheter. Cute picture of you two and the cars.
    They grow up fast don't they??

  21. My baby graduated from High School today! No more high school for us!!!!! Now if I just can make it through the college years! Next year we will have 2 in college - OUCH - that will hurt the pocket!

  22. Congratulations on your son's graduation from college. It's a wonderful accomplishment and now you have two children who have achieved it. Love the photo of you and your daughter with your cars!

  23. I've never seen anything like your wonky houses and I love them!

    Cute pic of you and your daughter with your cars.

  24. It's always lovely to see a little family stuff, and good news like yours is even more welcome! (I think the little birds are fab!)

  25. It's always lovely to see a little family stuff, and good news like yours is even more welcome! (I think the little birds are fab!)


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