Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage Quilts from Quilt Show

Here are more vintage quilts from the quilt show I attended a few weeks ago.

This beautiful 30's quilt was a family treasure.
I believe the squares finished at 1 inch! It was gorgeous!!

These little hexagons were small too, made by the same Grandma as the previous one.

I thought this display was adorable. I love aprons and wear them often.

It's been a busy week and the next few weeks will be busier still with a college and high school graduation.
My birthday was this week and how in the world I got to be 48 is beyond me!! Time flies like lightning!! We are celebrating this weekend my birthday and mother's day. My son is in the midst of finals will not be able to come home but my daughter will be here. My sister sent me some beautiful flowers and hubby brought me out to dinner. We usually keep holidays and birthdays pretty low key.
We have had some gorgeous weather for two days now!! Another couple of weeks and I should be able to plant my small vegetable garden.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the antique quilts..they're all treasures.

    Being 48 isn't too bad...I'm there too.

  2. HaPpy BiRThdAy! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.
    I love the antique quilts... thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy belated Birthday! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Appreciate that you shared the antique quilts. They're lovely.
    Happy birthday, young lady!

  5. 48 is a great number..I've stalled there for two years now!

    Thanks for the quilt photos...the blue lilies is really unusual!

  6. Lori they are fabulous. Thank you for the show.

  7. Happy birthday Lori. Mine was the we share being Taurus' too. Thank you for sharing these pics.


  8. Happy Birthday Lori!!!!

    Loved the quilts, especially the hexagons, they are so pretty. And what a great display with the aprons.

  9. Gosh Lori, this Grandma was quite the quilter, wasn't she? I love the 30's quilt with the prairie points. Then I really love the little hexagons, too. Such a gift she had. I didn't know you wear aprons. I love them but don't wear them. I used to but something happened and I stopped. Why is that? Hmmm...

    Well never mind that. Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!! Can you hear my best singing voice? It's lovely. Just walk out back, you'll hear it all the way from Florida - I'm certain. Silly *karendianne.

  10. Hi
    I love to wear and collect aprons too!
    What great antique quilts. I love the flower garden, so sweet
    I'm turning 48 this year too - glad to be in good company - Happy Happy to you

  11. Lori hi, Happy Birthday. Enjoy it with your DD. Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous quilts from the show. I must tell you that I started Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt last week. I finished piecing all the blocks and I'm very happy! Thanks for sharing the pattern and great instruction too - Hugs Nat

  12. Happy Birthday! I am six months older than you so that means I get to turn 50 before you in about 18 months (groan). Love the antique quilts, thanks for the pics!

  13. Happy Birthday Lori!! That postage stamp chain quilt is fabulous!! Loved all the old quilts - thanks for sharing your pictures.

  14. Happy belated birthday! I hope your 48th year brings you heaps of good things. Thanks for sharing the lovely vintage quilts. I've got to get started on the Strawberry Fields soon.

  15. Many happy returns for last week, I was slack not catching up sooner. You say your age proudly, I like that! I also love the thirties quilts, they always look so great on a bed too.

  16. I love all the vintage quilts, especially the first one. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

    And Happy Birthday! We're the same age, and I'm also wondering how 48 happened!

  17. ~!!~happy (belated) birthday~!!~

    yes~!!~ some warmer days here too and the sun tempts me outdoors just enough to discourage much progress on anything else . . . oh well, the season is short and demands my attention~!


    p.s. even your quilt photos speak of spring~

  18. I LOVE the postage stamp Irish chain. Thanks for posting it.

  19. I LOVE all the pics of the old quilts! I too love old quilts and have them all over my home! I have just opened a quilt retreat in my home. I know you are a long way away, but take a look anyway at www.farmer's I am checking out blog sites because I'm trying to get one up and going.
    Brenda Weed--the Farmer's Dotter


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