Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally.....A Complete Finish!

Here's my half antique- half repro A Strippy Coins...done...done...done! Oh that sound so good! It has been awhile since I've completed anything bigger than 30" square. My friend, Kathy McCarty, machine quilted Baptist fans and for some reason it took me awhile to get the binding made and on. I love it!

I finished another Vicksburg BOM- this time the top right. This one and last month's I've machine appliqued. I have a few other hand projects I want to focus on.
Nat from Notjustnat has her Cheddar Cheese and Crackers on her design wall. If anybody else makes one I'd love to see it!!

Some of you have asked how I get a lot done...well, this helps!! We celebrated my birthday this weekend and look at this wonderful espresso from my new machine! If anybody is ever in the neighborhood, the coffee's on!!


  1. Wonderful finish! Wish I could be saying that about some of my own. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations on the finish!! Aren't they wonderful? I like the pattern.

  3. Did you say coffee! Just one of my favorite things in the world (besides fabric, my scottie dog and my husband - not necessarily in that order!)

    Great finish and a perfect quilt for summer!

  4. I like that the coins are different sizes. Gives more interest in a scrappy quilt and no matching needed.
    Your Vicksburg blocks look good. I like them better than what I have done on mine.
    I am not a coffee drinker so leave me out! LOL!

  5. Congratulations on your finish! I love how your BOM is coming along.

  6. Your Vicksburg quilt looks great. I'm caught up on mine also.
    I'll take mine black.

  7. Your finished coins quilt is lovely! I love the blue sashing together with all the scrappy bits. Your BOM blocks sure look great together.

  8. Congratulations on the finish. It looks wonderful.

  9. A belated Very Happy Birthday!!!!

    Congratulations on the finish.

    I love the Vicksburg blocks!!!

  10. Cappuccino?
    I'll be right over for a stitch and sip!!
    I love your new quilt - congrats on the recent finish - this one you an sleep under:)

  11. p.s.
    Your BOMs are lookin' good!

  12. Your finish is just beautiful!! And Happy Belated birthday!

  13. WHOooo HHHoooo!
    Put some kahlua in that coffee! You deserve it! :)
    Isn't it a grand feeling? I love baptist fans. I love it even more when they are called this~
    Growing up a Southern Baptist in La. I can vividly remember the reason this name came about.... :)

  14. Really like your quilt. Congrats on finishing it....doesn't it feel good? Wish I had that feeling....and your quilt! ;D

  15. Happy Birthday!! Your stripy coins looks great, love the blues and reds and have always liked fan quilting. Your Vicksburg is coming right along, I'm working on those blocks too but am a little behind. Maybe I need to start machine appliqueing them after some coffee so I can catch up! Congrats on the finish!

  16. On my way for a coffee!! Love your new finish, what a great use for scraps from the basket. Well done.l also love your applique blocks. Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a terrific finish, there's nothing like the feeling of being done. Love the applique blocks together, they look wonderful. Lucky you with the swish coffeee machine, enjoy.

  18. Lori, If I only lived nearer I would be round for that cup of coffee with a Birthday card. Hope you had a great Birthday- The coin quilts looks nice in those repros.

  19. I really like your Strippy Coins quilt....looks like a nap quilt to me :o)

    Your Vicksburg blocks are coming along very nicely...wish I had done this bom.

    Enjoy your espresso machine, my hubby LOVES his.

  20. Your coin quilt is just wonderful, well done, Lori!
    Also LOVE your applique blocks, they looks very beautiful all together.

  21. I love the coins quilt..and the Baptist fans are a wonderful choice for the quilting!
    Your Vicksburg blocks are gorgeous. I've copied the patterns and have them saved, but didn't start the project because I had "too many irons in the fire".Now I wish I had started them.
    Happy belated Birthday! Enjoy your coffee machine. :)

  22. Great finish. Isn't it a satisfying feeling? I need a few more of those, but the hours and days just get away. I'm so envious of your new toy! (I need to drop a hint to my DH)

  23. I don´t think my country is around the corner, but I will have a tea at home, read your lovely blog and pretend we are having it together!
    Thanks for coming by on my blog!!

  24. Lori, I love your half antique-half repro finish. It makes me happy and I'm just in love with the fabrics. Hmmm... I wonder why that could be? You'd think I was into that whole repro thing. Huh. Dig the BFan's, too. Shocking to find you didn't Hand Quilt it though. If you had more time I know you would have and I mean that, too. I'm not being facetious.

    You know, I think you really love applique, too. Is that one of your primary loves? You're so good at it and your heart seems to travel there a lot. Just wondering. You know how I do. I wonder.

    I'll be over for espresso tomorrow. What time is good?


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