Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pioneer Quilt Exhibit

The High Desert Museum had an exhibit of Pioneer Quilts that I was able to see the week before the Sister's show. If any of you are ever in the area this is a fantastic museum and I'd highly recommend it.
Here are a few highlights from the pioneer quilts.

I'm a huge fan of four block applique. I thought the border was interesting in that it wasn't a loose vine but instead sort of zig-zaggy. (I'm having a hard time pulling descriptive words out of my head this morning!)

Look at the big circles the maker did on the quilting. I can't say that I like it, but it is fun and quirky.

I thought this was a simple but fun quilt. It was visually very appealing. Do you notice how the maker substituted the blue fabric?

The hand quilting is amazing!

I always love a two color quilt and the quilting on this one was amazing too!! I wonder how long it took to do all that quilting!!?

This little sign was with the red and white quilt. I'm so glad we have fabric at our fingertips and we don't have to dye our own.

These next couple of quilts are from the antique quilt booth in Sisters.

Ever since we did the Strawberry Field quiltalong I notice so many quilts with the zigzag setting. This is pretty unusual to see with the Tree of Life block- especially in double pink.

Little bits of cheddar, little bits of dots.

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  1. I just love those old quilts...it never fails to amaze me what quilters back then could achieve with little material and no light, none of our fancy rotary cutters, etc...I especially love that nine patch! cute, huh??

  2. Thank you for sharing those amazing quilts.

    I am astounded by that fine hand quilting!

  3. oh I love that 4 block quilt too!
    was there a border on the 3rd side or just the top and bottom?
    I want to do a tree of life quilt, ah yes more HST!

  4. More great quilts - thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. Wonderful quilt. That hand quilting is amazing. Thank goodness that we have machines, and ott lights!

  6. Hi, Thank's for sharing all of those gorgeous quilt :o)
    I love the appliqued quilt in the welcome pic :o))
    Hugs Lena

  7. I bet the blue and tan fabrics both started out as green.

  8. What a wonderful display of quilts !!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    I really, really loved the first one!

  9. what a joy it must have been to see things quilts up close. The quilting is really amazing! Love that red flower and 4-blocks are always the best. Thanks for posting such good stuff!

  10. all of these are amazing~!!~
    just seeing the copious amounts of hand quilting is making my fingertips hurt~!!~lol

    beautiful ~!!~ beautiful ~!!~ beautiful ~!!!!~


  11. I LOVE the first quilt - its gorgeous! The tree quilt is also wonderful - with pink sashing - I love it! I don`t think I`d have the patience to hand quilt lines so close like that - over a whole quilt. Amazing!

  12. What beautiful old quilts! I never tire of seeing two colour quilts and the applique quilts are beautiful too.

  13. It's wonderful to look at those old quilts and imagine trying to sew by candlelight or oil lamplight, or even gaslight! Amazing work some of these ladies did. Love, love all the red and green ones, and also the Tree of Life quilt. All terrific!

  14. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts - it's always nice to see the hand quilting up close.

  15. Thanks for sharing the wonderful quilts! I especially like the Tree of Life quilt.

    Nancy E

  16. They are all wonderful treasures! Thank you for sharing these amazing quilts! Carolyn

  17. Thank you for the little quilt show! I love seeing the quilting especially.
    I agree with Ann Hermes..I'll bet the quilt with the blue stems started as green? The early greens had fugitive dyes.

  18. Oh man look at the quilting on that one! THAT is the quilting I love!


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