Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I not only like to make quilts to support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, but I like to purchase them as well!!
During the auction (first 10 days of every month) I always drop by and have a look at the wonderful quilts. I'm not very good at winning them. This month I browsed all the other little quilts for sale. There are so many and at a price range everyone can afford.
One person (you!) can make a difference.

I looked for familiar names and found Nines by Nine by Dawn at Collector With a Needle blog.
And this liberated quilt by Sujata at The Root Connection blog.

My submission is still waiting for assignment. You KNOW I'll let you know when it's up for sale!!

It seems the farther my mom's disease gets, the less she likes me! I suppose one day I may be a stranger and she may be friendly to me. I'm not sure what is worse.


  1. The little quilts are wonderful, we all like you very much! Have a delightful day....

  2. Lori, that is a really hard stage. It probably will not last. My Mom was like that for a while, then she became nice and funny. Hang in there, remember that isn't how she really feels, it is the disease talking. Hugs

  3. You got a couple of very nice quilts to add to your collection!

    It's so hard loving someone with Alzheimer's! I don't think there's one part of the disease that is easier than the other. My mother-in-law looked at me last week and said "Who are you anyway? You don't love me." Depressing to say the least.

    Keep making and purchasing AAQI quilts...we are in desperate need of a better treatment and cure!

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  5. Remember it is the disease making her that way! Love your new additions.

  6. So sorry that your Mum is going off you. My Dad had vascular dementia, and it is so difficult to watch them change.
    Dad always knew I was a friendly person to him, even if at times he forgot exactly who I was.
    It's a cruel disease. My thoughts are with you.

  7. You are a good daughter, Lori!! She loves you; just shows it the best way she can.

  8. You inspire me, Lori. I know this is really hard. You will look back without regret one day for what you tried to do for your Mom.
    I'm going to have to go shopping for a little quilt! : )

  9. Hey Lori!

    I regret that I haven't made as many as i should have so far! But there is always a beginning of something good!
    Thank you so much for buying my little quilt. I am working on my fragments # 2 stitch by stitch.

    It is sad to hear so many of my friends' lives are affected with this disease.

  10. Lori, aging minds are so trying! I pray blessings on you!! The quilts are amazing! I'll have to browse!!

  11. Just think if I hadn't purchased the quilt you made we may never have come across one and other. Fate stepped in with a quilt that binds.
    Alzheimer's is so cruel but just remember it's the illness and not your mum. Don't take it personally.

    Big hugs x

  12. Dear Lori, I just got goosebumps all over when I read your last lines. I'm sending big hugs your way. I think many have said it, try to remember it's the disease, not really your mom.

  13. You scored on the auctions!
    My dad, who has the disease, would listen to me over all others. That has recently changed, and now won't mind at all! It's tough for all, isn't it?

  14. As my mother-in-law progressed, she called her daughter "that woman" as she no longer could think of her name or any name.

    I didn't realize that the Alzheimer's quilts was a monthly thing. I am off to take a look.

  15. My thoughts are with you Lori. I think it is very hard to deal with the changes and not take them to heart - just so very hard. I think the little quilts, besides a fabulous cause - are theraputic. I'll be watching for yours!
    Take care of yourself! Thinking of you - Dawn

  16. i've recently gotten a pair of quilts with an asian theme made by Michele Bilyeu from the AAQI. LOVE them and hope to do an AAQI post featuring them soon.

    i don't know if this helps or not but sometimes i don't think my daughter likes me very much and she doesn't have AD~! i think it's just very difficult for her to have been living at home for the last (almost) year. saving money may not have been as good as keeping independence.
    anyway, you've been there for your mom Lori and that is the greatest demonstration of love that a child can give to a parent in need. whether your mom understands that or not it's still truth. if her mind wasn't being damaged by the disease she would be expressing a deep love as well as respect for you.
    and remember that you can't take good care of her if you don't take good care of yourself.


  17. I think the you bought quilts are great. I also think its really good that you have made some. For me the worst part is when they know you and are angry. Usually over nothing. It is in no way an easy thing either way. Its not always easy remebering it is an illness when they get so annoyed.

  18. Sorry to hear about your Mum Lori, it is difficult when a parent looks at you with quizzical looks, something familiar yet not... you wonder what is going on in their mind - I experienced that with my late Dad, but he was always so accommodating, he was friends with everyone, I guess he didn't know who was family and who was not! Those little quilts are just gorgeous aren't they!

  19. Love your quilts, I have some I purchased a couple years ago, they are wonderful.
    Heart breaking situation, I wish I could make it better.

  20. The quilts are so wonderful and doing something for a great cause is all we can do.

  21. Lovely little quilts. It must be hard to see your mom change this way and know there it nothing you can do about it...

  22. great little quilts!
    I have to get on board with this -
    I want to make one and buy one soon.

  23. I think AAQI is a great charity and near to my heat. My Mom had dimentia but sadly died in December. Luckily for her and the ones that loved her she didn't have to go through the worst stages of the disease. I still miss her but thought supporting AAQI is one way I can help bring an end to this horrid disease and quilt at the same time. I am giving a presentation at my guild next month, showing Ami's cd of 52 quilts in the exhibit. I hope to get them interested in donating or buying a quilt...or two or more.

    Hang in there with your Mom. Some days have got to be better than others.

  24. Though she may not know just how to bring it to the world, inside her heart your mom loves you very much *hugs*

  25. I love your purchase and I'd love one of Sujata's.

  26. My heart goes out to you Lori. As others have said - it's not her, it's the disease; still doesn't make it easy tho'. hugs and prayers, Meredithe xx


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