Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday in the Neighborhood

Here's my two blocks for Love, Laugh, Quilt. One is for the exchange and one is for a charity quilt. It seems like we quilt bloggers run in the same neighborhood so I thought it would fun to join in on this one. Thanks Beth!

I recently received an email from Pam about a wonderful project that stems from her father's health problems. Isn't that wonderful how we can take a sad situation and turn it into something positive and good? Please have a look at this blog post and see if you could help her out on Project 40.

Jean Belle at Quilt Awhile recently finished her Mountain Trails quilt using black as the stepping stones. It is wonderful! Please take a look! Thanks for letting me know it was complete Jean.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for the link over to Project 40.

  2. Cute houses for a great project! Thanks for the link to Live, Laugh, Quilt... I'm going to sign on board to do a couple of blocks. Should be fun! And the deadline of January 1st doesn't hurt either!

  3. What great blocks! I'm wondering if you couldn't have made them any brighter, though!! VBG LOVE them!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

  4. These houses look like happy places to live. So cute!

  5. Love your quilty houses!! Better than ever with cheddar!

  6. Cute little houses ... I'd be happy to live in either of 'em!! :)

  7. fun! I'm sending beth my blocks today

  8. Looks like a fun neighborhood to live in. Cute little houses, Lori, The birds on the chimneys are charming.


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