Monday, September 15, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

I had such a fun weekend! I did get a little hand applique done, but didn't have time to take photos and make a post, so I'll show you a few highlights of our weekend. We took our time, saw and experienced some new things.
We camped right near this museum and the quilt block didn't escape my attention.
This photo was taken from our camping spot. The bridge was the start line for the race and to our right was the end. We couldn't have been located any better. Oh yeah, the river? The Columbia- just gorgeous!
 So fun to see them fishing in the old "locks" section of the river.

 Michelle, friend, quilter, runner came to visit me from Portland. It was so nice relaxing after the race and enjoying the day.
 We bought a big Chinook salmon from a Native American. 
Sunday morning the SS Legacy was disembarking passengers to tour the Gorge. It was a beautiful ship!

This was also part of Marine Park which was the finish line of my race.
Before heading home we went to the Bonneville dam to see the sturgeon. 

And then we were exhausted! lol

If you want to see some race photos head on over HERE.


  1. Dear Lori,
    looks you had a great time.
    I finally got the book, what all did I miss so far? What do I have to make besides the center eagle?

  2. I m glad you had fun! Congrats on doing the race. Looks like it was a beautiful area to enjoy.


  3. what a fun weekend! how long as the race? looks like a beautiful area

  4. How fun to have a run at the Gorge! Beautiful country--haven't been there for a long time, but loved it when I was there. Now I need to go check out your account of the run!

  5. looks like a beautiful spot to camp. And to recover from the running.

  6. Very relaxing! Looks like a wonderful weekend.:)

  7. So did you see Herman the Sturgeon? Glad you had good weather for your run!

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I haven't seen the Columbia River since we have moved here. We'll have to go there sometime this fall.

  9. Que bien suena todo lo que nos cuentas!!!!
    yo pienso que tus días tienen mas horas que los míos

  10. Congratulations on the race. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see you had fun.

  11. Looks like a beautiful area Lori, I bet that salmon tasted good too.
    Glad your race was a success and the family were at the finishing line for you.

  12. Beautiful spot to enjoy a weekend! Thanks for sharing your good times :)


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