Monday, June 4, 2018

First Friday at Quiltworks

This month at Quiltworks there was just one exhibit- One Block Wonders, which is the same as Stack and Whack, isn't it?

And, if you get the magazine, Quilt Sampler, Quiltworks is in the most current issue! I'm super excited for Marilyn as she does a lot of good for the community. It is nice that she is recognized for that.
I got the labels and the quilts confused, so without further ado, here are the quilts. 

 Love the 2 colored border on this one.

 And this Christmas one begged for a closer view.

I think the colors got me on this one. My favorite of them all!

Have you made a One Block Wonder or Stack and Whack? For me, no, I haven't made either and don't feel a burning desire to make one either.


  1. I LOVE SEEING THESE!! I want to do another one soon!!!

  2. Lots of pretty ones! I haven’t felt the need to make one but they do look fun.

  3. My mom has made some different variations of stack and whack. They do come out interesting. I don't see myself making one but you never know !

  4. I gave a whirl at making the One Stack Wonder quilt several years ago. I just didn't care for what I ended up with and donated the blocks. Years ago, I did Stack and Whack and made a couple wall hangings where the block was part of a star block and I liked that better.

  5. Oh my.... they are all stunning ! I'm thinking about doing one !
    Thank you for sharing Lori !

  6. I'm with you - none of these really intrigue me but I do love the color palette of the blue and purple toned one.

  7. I have not made one and they do not intrigue me at all. Love the blue/purple/green tones.

  8. Oh Lori. Thanks for the show. I'm definitely going to get there this week. I'm really happy for Marilyn getting the recognition they deserve.
    I think my favorite of the ones you showed has the 2 different backgrounds. I love purple and neon green together.
    Looking forward to meeting up with you.

  9. I love looking at them but not on my quilty bucket list. Thanks for showing us.

  10. Isn't it amazing what you can create with just one piece of fabric!

  11. These are such interesting quilts. I have never made one, but I watched my mom put one together years ago. The key seems to be having a very large design wall!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures! I wonder if they had a piece of the original fabric included as part of the quilt backing? I hope so! The change is unbelievable! One Block Wonders are very fascinating to me, and I love Stack and Whacks too!. I'd love to make a One Block Wonder some day; bought the book; cut a few blocks, but didn't have design wall; big mistake! Someday maybe I'll try again if I live long enough. ---"Love"

  13. Amazing to think that all these quilts are the same "pattern". Love the great pictures.

  14. I have to say I've never made a stack and whack or a one block wonder..they have never appealed to me or have I found then inspiring. Sorry but not every idea works for everyone.

  15. Ohhh Lori , qué bonita exposición nos has traído. Yo hice y diseñé un One Block Wonder, fue muy interesante realizar ésta técnica. Aquí está .


    1. Wow! Your quilt is really amazing!

  16. No, I'm with you on this one. I do think a lot of them are amazing, but I have never had any desire to make one.


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