Friday, June 1, 2018

Month 6 Sweet Land of Liberty

 Here we go! This is your June Liberty assignment, if you choose to accept it. LOL  These are Denise's fabulous blocks!
And here are mine.

 We will be making 4 more 4" finished economy blocks. We should be pro at these by now, but my last one has no seam allowance! Whatever!! <insert rolling eyes here>
 We will make (4)four 6" finished snails trails blocks. (A google search will turn up lots of directions for piecing this block)
 The center background will be cut 8 1/2" square, followed by the strips which you will cut 1". Unfinished this block will measure 10 1/2". (I think my man needs a belt!) I think I'll be adding an actual day in embroidery when I get the quilt top completed.
The checkerboard squares will be cut 1 1/2". The corners to make it on point- you will cut two (2) 5 1/4" squares, then once on the diagonal. The outside borders  and squares will be cut 1 1/4". The unfinished size of the complete block will be 10 1/2"
The unfinished heart will measure 10 1/2"x 4".

If you haven't already, please assemble the top half of your quilt. Delane gave me permission to use hers since I forgot to take a photo of my top half. 
You may need to add strips and bits to get it all together. That's they way Cheri would do it!

Happy June! 


  1. The assignment has been accepted. Blocks look great!

  2. Oh boy here we go for another month of fun piecing :0) Love these blocks Lori! thank you Denise and Lori for all your efforts. Happy Sewing

  3. Lori, your blocks are so fun and whimsical, If I lived in the Land of Liberty it would be a fun quilt to do. I guess Cheri would be alright with adapting the name to something like Land of the True North, Strong and Free! Hmm...may have to think on that one.

  4. Love all the different blocks and fabric choices, that is such a wonderful quilt.


  5. Hello Lori, could you tell me the unfinished block size the Checkerboard Block will be ?

    1. I've added the size to the post. 10 1/2" unfinished. Thanks for asking!


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