Friday, February 20, 2009

Stars! Stars! Stars!

I thought I'd wrap up the Americana quilts by showing a few unfinished projects.

A friend designed these feathered stars in Electric Quilt. I can see the upper 4 going around some kind of applique or maybe the 4 corners of a feathered star sampler. I enjoyed making them but haven't looked any further to what to do with them. Any ideas? I'd love to hear- please leave me a comment.

This was a scrap buster I did in 2008. When I pulled it out to take a photo I wished I would have made it bigger. I really like it! The border is machine appliqued. The corners look a bit bare, but I think I can fill that in with some quilting.

1 comment:

  1. How about the stars being used for a border around the eagle quilt I want you to make. Would make a big quilt! You have done a very good job on piecing the feathered stars.


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