Sunday, March 29, 2009

1847 Album Quilt

Made it back from vacation to DC. We had a busy, on-the-go, week of sightseeing. I was getting sick the day before we left and snapped this photo at the American History Museum.
There was a poem in the center written so tiny that I couldn't read it.
Here is what it said about this quilt:
Quilt made by members of the Presbyterian Church, Maltaville, New York, 1847

This album quilt was presented to Mary Benton Barnard Hill, wife of the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, as a "token of esteem." Each square was made by a different seamstress, and many are signed. The Smithsonian acquired the quilt in 1931.


  1. I hope you get this comment...I know it is an old post. What a wonderful quilt! I am doing the "insider's" tour of the Smithsonian quilt collection on Nov. 24 and I am going to ask that they show this one. I've done the tour four times already and never, ever, saw it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for whatever little do-hicky you have on your blog that links to old posts.

  2. Hi Lori,I too hope you get this comment as it's ages now since you posted it but I just found this site while googling Maltaville Album Quilt.
    I've never been to the Smithsonian but it's on my bucket list as just a couple of months ago I started this very quilt. I have to thank you for the great photo's as they show the fabrics used very clearly,
    Reading Taryn's comment it looks like it's hit and miss what you see there, if I go I too will have to plan ahead.
    Thanks again for sharing your great pics,
    kind regards,


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