Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love House Quilts

OK, I really just love quilts, but I also love quilts with houses on them! I can't say that I love the top one. It is an old project- so old that the blue border has faded to purple. Because I wasn't in love with it, I used a fabric pen to write the letters instead of embroidery. I am pretty sure this is by Jan Patek.

This next one is a little Thimbleberry project that I have on my table during the holidays.
I love this one! This is a house sampler quilt, by Country Quilts. They have the cutest quilt patterns!!
All of these were machine quilted by me.


  1. I LOVE all three! I love house quilts too... but the difference is... you MADE them, I just have the patterns to these ;O) Beautiful quilts! :o)

  2. Count me in on loving house quilts, too. In fact, I'm just finishing one up. Everytime I see that one from made up, I'm so tempted to order the pattern. I'm thinking about doing her spring one on the cover of one of her books for something different, though.

    You have so many quilts! They all look great, too. What do you do with all of them? Do you display them all, or store them somehow? Just wondering...

  3. I love house quilts too and this is what I want to make next a house quilt
    The Country quilts one is my favorite, will check out that link!


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