Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is There a Method to My Madness?!

I feel like I am a fairly organized person, most of the time. With my sewing room cleaned up I was able to analyze what I have going on in there. I don't really have many "works in progress" (2 off the top of my head) but have 6 tops waiting for something to be done with them.
So, I tackled them today. This is what I do.
After measuring them I make a list of what the top is and the size. This is my list as of today:
Album top- 100x102
Wool garden wallhanging 32x58
Mini feathered star 17" square
American strings 54" square
String Pine Burr-80x70
Red- Green Folk Art block 28" square.

Then I check and see what batting I have. I only have 1 queen size and several smaller chunks, which I went through and measured to see if anything would be big enough. Just using my chunks I was able to get batting for the feathered star, Folk art block, and then I whip stitched 2 pieces together for the Wool garden.
I also determined that the Album quilt is too big for me to handle on my machine, so I will send that out to be quilted.

My next step will be to get backing for the three little ones. I won't be buying it, but piecing something together if I need to. Generally I'll spray baste a small one and get started on it.
Meanwhile I will make backing, binding and labels for all of the tops. I'll look through my thread too and see what color I need for quilting and the bobbin.
The next time I am out of town I will purchase batting, (and thread if I need it) then everything will be ready to baste and go.
I almost exclusively use Sullivan's spray baste. It is getting harder to find, but I've had great success with it. Maybe I'll do a pictorial the next time I baste.

I don't always get to my quilts right away after basting, but it hasn't seemed to be a problem just keeping them folded in the closet while they wait their turn.

I'd love to hear how you you handle your piles of quilt tops.


  1. That sounds like a good way to do it. Get them all ready at once. I've never used the basting spray, but have used the fusible batting on small quilt. When you use the spray, do you still have to thread baste at all? I'd like to see what you do for your labels. :-)

  2. I use the spray baste so I will not have to thread baste at all! That's the beauty. I'll share a few of my labels, although they aren't anything fancy at all!


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