Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pink and Brown 4 Patches

One of the gals in my DJ mini group suggested we do a 4 patch swap with reproduction brown and pink. I love how one simple four patch can be made into so many different quilts!

I opted for a strippy quilt

I believe this is just one of the quilts Jill made with her 4 patches. She chose to showcase her beautiful machine quilting skills.

This is Susan's. I think this is only one of her tops too! Love that toile.


  1. Since I love pink & brown quilts, this is a real treat for me. How interesting what each of you has chosen to do with your simple blocks.

  2. beautiful quilts.
    Amazing to see 3 different quilts using the same blocks.
    thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. They are all beautiful. It would be hard to pick a favourite.

  4. I love pink and brown together...they are all beautiful!

  5. This just happened to pop up and I had to comment because these quilts are amazing. Love them! Great ideas for such a simple block.




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