Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farm Baskets

This quilt was done at a class taught by Sally Frey. She likes to replicate older quilts that she has collected. I chose to do my quilt with reproduction fabrics. (you will start seeing a theme with the fabrics I choose for classes!) I love the half baskets on top and just the handle on the bottom.This was quilted by Bonnie Hunter.

This is Sally's vintage quilt. You can see the handles better in this photo. I love it! For me that is what makes these quilts so charming.

This is Sally's version of the quilt.


  1. I love your quilt! The baskets are so cute and I love it done in reproduction fabrics- my favorite, too.

  2. oh I Love basket quilts, love your version .
    putting words on quilts is still something I would love to try...
    Sally's version is great too.

  3. Vintage quilts are such wonderful inspiration. The best part are remembering it is 'o.k' to use half baskets and only handles in your blocks. Our foremothers never fretted over 'quilt police' They just did what they needed to do *s*

  4. This is a different basket quilt and I like it very much. Different in that the baskets sort of interweave amongst each other and the fact there are basket bottoms at the top and handles at the bottom.

  5. All of these quilts are truly wonderful, I love the improvastional handles. It's just what Gwen Marston talks about. I wonder if we made the handles like that today, if it would be criticized but it makes these quilts have so much charm.

  6. What a great basket quilt!! I'm working on a basket quilt of my own right now - how wonderful to see yours.

  7. Baskets, baskets, baskets...I love them all. Your basket quilt is wonderful...


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