Friday, May 15, 2009

Trio...Trio Of Stars

I made the two sets of wool stars for the quilt shop at the end of January. They are quite a bit bigger then they look. The penny rug in front is one I've had for awhile.

I liked the stars, but didn't necessarily want to make one out of wool, so I used prairie cloth (similar to old homespun) and appliqued the wool house. I also stuffed it with wood shavings instead of polyfill. I am going to try crushed shells the next time I want to fill something. I don't like the stuffing and the shavings were a huge mess.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love visiting your blog! Your style is so me. The crushed walnut shells will make your star pillows heavy but that would be okay. I have a couple of the star pillows that were given to me. They just have a regular stuffing in them. I wonder if you would need a lining like you do with the pin cushions made from wool? I made several and filled them with crushed walnut shells.

  2. I like stuffing my smaller wool projects with the crushed walnut shells. I like the weight it gives them, especially pincushions. Love the projects you've done for the shop. They're lucky to have you sew for them.

  3. I really enjoy seeing your things. You do such nice work!!!

  4. More wool lovelies! I have to get some supplies and get started!

  5. Such cute star pillows! Good ideas and I will be a copy cat soon :o) I have patterns similar to that which would work out perfectly.

  6. I love the stars, they are a great idea.

  7. I've made those stars before too. They are a nice size arent they? I like yours.


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