Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pennsylvania Plenty

My DJ online group saw this quilt in a book (New Discoveries in American Quilts by Robert Bishop) and decided we wanted to make it. Ruthie and Paula are pretty much EQ whizzes and love a challenge. They designed these blocks by looking at the book, figuring out the math, and drawing them in Electric Quilt. They had the hard part the rest of us had the easy part! Ha! Did I say easy?

While we were piecing the quilt Lois published Nearly Insane. If you have never heard of this quilt then do a google search. The original was made in Lancaster Co., PA c. 1870 by Salinda W. Rupp.

The name of my quilt is Pennsylvania Plenty.

BTW, this is a great book if you love old quilts. It is available used on Amazon for a very reasonable price.
There is still time to join in on the giveaway! Make a comment on yesterdays post and you'll be entered.


  1. I am very attracted to this quilt!
    And I have started reading "The Children's Blizzard". I may have to make a Snowball quilt like you did.

  2. Wow, that quilt just jumped out at me! How wonderful it is. Love the colors and all the different squares.

  3. I have that book but have never been brave enough to start it. I thought I recognized it in the first picture. Yours is beautiful - I love your fabric choices. How hard was it to make?

  4. Wow that is quite the quilt! It looks amazing!

  5. I started this quilt and actually was thinking about it last night, might have to get back to it
    looks like you chose not to make all the blocks in the original quilt,correct?
    NOW that is a good idea!
    there are a few I am not looking forward to making!

  6. I saw a couple of these at the show I've just been to but I love yours so much more. It's beautiful.
    After a big break, I'm trying to get back into my red and white version.

  7. What an AMAZING quilt! Beautiful...just beautiful!

  8. I think your Pennsylvania Plenty quilt is beautiful! I'm making the NI quilt in red & white and I think I must have your friends Ruthie & Paula to thank for drawing the quilt in EQ. Makes it much easier for me. Please tell them thank you from me.

  9. What a great sewing group you belong to! Your quilt is amazing!

  10. You just blew me away with this quilt. I started a DJ years ago and haven't made much progress on that one. I think I'll just visit your wonderful quilt on the web instead of pretending to myself that I could tackle this one, too.


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