Friday, June 12, 2009

Put Away the Flannels

You wouldn't know it by looking out the window some days, but winter is gone and it is time to pack up the flannel quilts until next fall. We get pretty chilly here in Central Oregon and all of my family likes to snuggle in with a warm quilt in the evenings.

The first flannel I ever made was for my hubby. It has held up really well for being 12 years old! I did a utility stitch and tied it.

My next flannel was a mystery quilt class I took at the Stitchin' Post. My daughter is the owner of this one.

Once hubby and my daughter had one I couldn't leave out my son. I made this one in 1997 and it's been through 3 years of college too. The first year at college he told me he'd tell his friends that he needed to go get his quilt (while watching a movie, playing a game machine, whatever) his friends would say, "What are you? Little house on the prairie." Secretly I think they were jealous of his warm flannel quilt.

In 1993 my niece and two nephews moved in with us. Of course, I needed three more snuggle quilts! It's been one year since they moved back in with their dad- hopefully the quilts remind them of a warm safe place.
I had to laugh while scanning this photo. The oldest nephew will be a senior next year and is tall and lanky- and he smiles a lot!


  1. You have made more flannel quilts than me. Flannel was not very popular in Florida at first. Then it finally got a foothold and the shops started stocking a good supply. My favorite quilt to cover up with is a flannel quilt.

  2. Wow! Your list of quilt finishes is so impressive! I am amazed :o) They are very snuggly, cuddly, perfect for cuddling quilts!

  3. I love flannel quilts! You have a lucky family with nice warm handmade quilts to snuggle up with when it's cold.

  4. Well...I'm all caught up with you....what a lovely parade of quilty goodness in all your posts. I LOVE your stringy star...
    w-a-y FAB!!!

  5. Just ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I can tell those quilts are loving and caring. Thank you for sharing a beautiful pictures.

  6. Lori.. those flannels are absolutely wonderful and they all have a great story behind them.. it looks like they get better with age...sounds like you are going to miss them when the warm weather comes..excellent colors on them all

  7. Those quilts look really warm! And so pretty! I've never made a flannel quilt -- may have to give it a try.

  8. These are all wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing. I haven't made any flannel quilts, but I am thinking I should add them to the to-do list.


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