Friday, July 24, 2009

Civil War Sampler Part 2

This was the first quilt we did using our "own" blocks. The color in the first photo is not good at all.

The one year I went to Paducah I met Patty to see the quilt in real life. It was gorgeous! Patty Harants has a web site but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Patty brought the quilt to the Houston quilt show where she had a booth. McCall's took notice and asked if we would like to do another one using Benartex fabric. They wanted to use our quilt for their magazine.

This is the magazine cover. Each block had a little story about the history of the quilt block and how it related to the Civil War. Directions were provided for each block and the border. We had to come up with a name and somehow we ended up as Sewrority Sisters.

This quilt top was brought into a quilt shop in Las Vegas where one of our group was working at the time. I've searched and searched and cannot find the woman's name who made this.

So we had 2 quilts and 11 ladies in our group. I decided I needed to make my own. I'll show you that on Monday.


  1. Oh my goodness - what gorgeous quilts! I love the colors. :)

  2. Wow, they both are drop dead gorgeous! I love the border.

  3. These are stunning quilts. Any idea where a person can get a copy of that magazine? Not very many old issues available on the McCall's website & I don't see in on E-bay. I'd love to make my own version.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful creations.

  4. I just love this quilt!! the pattern and design.. I have blocks that I could use just for this layout.. what issue was this in.. I am sure I have it..

  5. Gorgeous! I have that magazine, and will look for it this afternoon. Both quilts are so pretty.

  6. This quilt is beautiful! I used the princess feather from it in my Circuit Rider quilt. I can't wait to see your quilt! That's quite an honor to have it on the cover of the magazine.

  7. I've admired that quilt for a long time. It's so cool to know about its history.

  8. They are all amazing quilts!!!

  9. Wow, just WOW!! Absolutely love this quilt, Thank you for sharing a behind the seen story. :-)

  10. Both are fabulous. I just love the setting.

  11. What a wonderful journey you and your friends have been on with this beauty of a quilt *s*


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