Monday, July 13, 2009

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show

Wow! What a fantastic week I had. I plan on posting photos of the quilt show, then the amazing quilting that went on at my friend's house. Put 5 quilters in a room with lots of fabric and sewing machines and you've got the makings of another quilt show!
You can see some other great quilt show photos at Cottons 'n Wool. (she's a better photographer too!)
The maker of this quilt saw the bright side of Hurricane Ike. Amazing and such a happy quilt.

This quilt was the same as the pattern I gave away on my blog. It was beautiful with the brown background.

Love this pattern with the star in the center. Every year there is an exhibit of quilts made mostly by the Amish commissioned by Bryce Hamilton. All of his quilts are for sale. Beautiful patterns, but poly batting! I'll admit, I'm a snob when it comes to cotton batting.

I've seen this pattern and think it is adorable.

Simple, but beautiful quilt.

I generally don't like the card trick pattern, but this one caught my eye.

Gotta love those plaids!

I hope you are looking forward to lots of photos this week!!!
I won't be responding much to comments, I've got less then a week before our Danish family arrives. So much to do!!


  1. What great quilts . . . . you must have just been in heaven *s*

  2. The plaid quilt is wonderful. So is the applique quilt and the Rocky Mountain quilt. At least I think the Amish made quilt pattern is called that.
    What a great week you had!

  3. Love all of the quilts! Looks like you had a good time. Good luck getting ready for your company.

  4. Keep the photos coming! So much inspiration!!!!

  5. Were we standing next to each other taking pictures. Wouldn't that have been a hoot? We should have arranged a "meet". Thanks for the linky love!

  6. Love the show! Thank you :o)

  7. Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful quilts. What a great show!

  8. It's an enjoyable selection you're showing us. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. All the quilts are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them. Love the plaid one!

  10. I have to tell you...I am seriously loving that plaid quilt! I wonder...could I make that quilt? I really, really love it!


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