Friday, August 28, 2009

Organized Chaos

Is it any wonder I am having a hard time staying focused? Yikes!!! I hope to have a baby quilt to show for it very soon. And a clean room!

I've got little piles of ideas and unfinished projects.


  1. Wow, your chaos is so much more organized than mine! LOL Take a deep breath and maybe a cup of tea. Then attack it. (sounds easy doesn't it?) good luck getting everything done.

  2. We all have days when our sewing studio (LOLthat is what I like to call it) is in chaos. I usually have to tidy up before I start a new project. As long as you are having fun.

  3. I like your sewing table. Can you tell us about it? I'm searching for one without much least at finding a reasonably priced one

  4. I like the peek into your sewing room. I don't think my sewing room is ever really clean and neat. I seem to work well in the clutter.

  5. oh would love to know what the piles of wip's are????
    love the apple orchard basket your using and your sewing table is wonderful
    did your DH make that?
    I don't like working in chaos either I find I walk out of the room and don't sew if it gets too messy in here

  6. Looks neat and organized to me...

    I like your sewing area.

  7. Looks more organized then my messy room. You find a way through it soon.

  8. It was a pleasure to visit your blog. Wish I had a sewing table like you have and a room to leave all the stuff.......... just pull the door :>)


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