Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feathered Star Quilts

Here are a few more wonderful vintage feathered star quilts.

Look at the quilting on this one! How can "simple" crosshatching look so complicated?! It is stunning!
They just had to put a wee bit of cheddar in there.
I've made two feathered stars. This one was made so long ago I don't even remember making it! I like it a lot though.
This one was made by paper piecing, and even then I messed it up. Good quilt friends don't mind a few little mistakes in their gifts.


  1. The cross hatching looks so good. I think because it is double lines of stitching. Lots of time spent doing it, I bet.

  2. I love the look of channel quilting but not sure I really want to ever try it!!!!
    I KNOW how much work it would be!
    thanks for sharing these pictures I just love feathered star quilts


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