Monday, September 21, 2009

Our First President

This is what I have started so far. Well, actually I have the next border pieces cut but because it isn't an easy size to work with I'm having to do a bit of math!
I've shown quite a few borders in other quilts that are just cut off. I'm going to try and not make it look so obvious, but there will be some borders with a little wonkiness. Although I paper pieced the triangles I had to cut them off a bit to make them fit. As I make progress feel free to look for the fudging. I won't be pointing it out.


  1. I think that it looks wonderful so far.

  2. A good start. I like what you are doing with George! And I didn't see any wonkiness.

  3. I love it! I don't think it looks "wonky" at all. :-)

  4. I think it looks good. Are there other presidents on that panel? I think this is one I'll have to get, thanks for sharing.

  5. It looks great to me. Don't point out the quirks, it makes the quilt yours. Notice I said quirks, not mistakes.


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