Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making Some Progress

I've made one more Blind Man Fancy block. They really are square but are laying on the back of my couch since my design wall is busy at the moment.
Here's the ole' Stickle Girl again. The weather has cooled off enough to pull it out of the closet and a post from Susan about her Dear Jane was a bit of a reminder for me to do the same. I was losing track of which blocks needed quilting so I laid it out on my bed and put a small safety pin in the blocks- only 15 to go!! Well, actually 13 now because I've removed 2 pins. I had been quilting the sashing as I did the blocks but now I am determined to do just the blocks and go back and finish the sashing. I haven't touched the triangles and at the rate I'm going it will be another couple of years, but I don't plan on going anywhere so that shouldn't be a problem!


  1. I love the BMF blocks, one day I might make one of those, I love it. I have great admiration for you hand quilting your "old Stickle" It doesn't matter how long it takes, my motto exactly.

  2. Your quilts and blocks are beautiful. Do you hand quilt all of your quilts? I checked your archives for the antique quilts. You said it was in California at the High Desert Museum. I live in an area called the high desert and we have a local museum, I'm wondering if I missed these lovely quilts?

  3. Very nice blocks there , makes me want to take out my BMF blocks and start making them again
    as soon as this rail fence is off the wall I just may do that!
    oh I wish I could say I was hand quilting my DJ quilt
    I still am only about 1/2 way done
    oh well some day!

  4. You are getting lots done! Good for you! I do love the projects you work on. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Dear Jane. I wonder how long it took Jane to do all of her work on her quilt. You'll get it done and I bet in less than two years!
    I had forgotten about wanting to make Blind Man's Fancy blocks. You reminded me. I am going to make myself a note.

  6. Wow, hand quilting. That is going to be gorgeous! And the quilt will keep you warm while you are quilting it. That's an added bonus.

  7. Yay Lori!! I'm so happy to see you finish that DJ....and the bind man's fancy blocks look great! (weird name for a block..wonder how that came to be!)


  8. Oh, I love the blink mans fancy blocks - always wanted to do a big bear claw all mixed up like this, saw an antique one long time ago.
    Aaahhh, dear jane - what an accomplishment -

  9. that blind man's fancy is great! how many blocks do you have already...or are these the first two? I also love your other quilt!

  10. Hi Lori, love your Blind Man's Fancy. I have the book, the stash and now your awesome inspiration. I think this will be my Spring project, of course with the little ones in between. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful work. Judy


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