Monday, November 2, 2009

More Vintage Quilts

We stopped at a few antique malls while cruising the backroads after the quilt show last week. Check out this unusual pattern and look at the wagon wheel quilting!! (Click to enlarge) I love the quilting!! I'm also a sucker for red, white and blue.

There's more cheddar and brown...with blue. Interesting combination, but it works.
The feathered star is another favorite of mine.

Has anybody seen this quilt pattern before? I haven't' checked Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia yet, but I think I will. I thought it was very unusual.

Here's a wonderful string quilt from the 30's. It's so worn and faded, but I could snuggle up with it in a heartbeat.

Instead of taking the main freeways and highways home we took the backroads. It was a beautiful drive.

We certainly wouldn't want to do it any later in the year, as our paved road turned to a small dirt road! We came out at Timothy Lake on Mt Hood. Hubby and I don't get to spend as much time together as we would like so this was a fun and memorable adventure.


  1. Beautiful quilts! I have never seen that quilt pattern before. Would love to know what it is.

  2. Very interesting antique quilts. I seldom see quilts of this quality in antique shops any more.

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful antique quilts with us.

  4. great antique quilts and yes I love the quilting :)
    oh beautiful area of the country you live in, glad you had a great day with your DH
    thanks fro sharing the quilt pictures !

  5. I love antique quilts! The string quilt reminds me of the colors of my grandma's old quilts she made.

  6. Oh, those old quilts are wonderful. I love quilting on a white background. The drive looks and sounded wonderful. Fall is so beautiful--

  7. What marvelous quilts!!! - thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

  8. Ooh, more wonderful old quilts, and I love your new header, it's luscious!

  9. You have a lovely new header there. I could take any of those quilts home. I love seeing the hand quilting patterns they come up with. Let us know about the block name on the other quilt if you find out. What a lovely picturesque drive you had.

  10. Thanks for sharing some old lovelies again. I never tire of seeing them.

    I don't have Barbara Brackman's book, but I do have "Blockbase," the computer program version of it.
    I tried to find that intriguing pillow pattern.

    At first I thought it was from the category of Maltese crosses, maybe in the "like a spider web" group. But I think the circle is the key. I looked in the "wheels" category, and I believe the block is a variation of "chips & whetstones," a block published in the Kansas City Star in 1931.

    You could ask Barbara herself. She identifies mystery blocks now & then on her blog. Let us know if you find out more info about that block. I love mysteries like this.

  11. Great old quilts! My husband and I love to take the backroads and explore together. You never know what wonders you will find and we get to slow life down and enjoy each other's company :).

  12. I'm pretty new to blogging and just discovered your blog. I love all the quilts. They're beautiful. I'll be checking back.


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