Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NW Quilt Shops

Last Friday I had to go into Portland and I finally made it to Vancouver, WA to the Primitive Thimble. Oh my! This shop is definitely right up my alley. The owner so so nice and made the experience that much more pleasant. She was so cheerful, friendly and helpful. I sure wish I was closer so I could take some classes.
I've always loved this quilt!! It's called Juniper and Mistletoe by Barbara Brackman.
They had the cutest displays throughout the whole store.

Lovely wool.

Look at the adorable partially hooked turkey!
I did manage to find a few items that had to come home with me.

This next shop is new to me and new to the area. Carrie gave me the heads up. I stopped in last week and had a short visit with the owner and was back today to snap a few photos. I think the owner, Leslie, intended to start a little fabric store so people could find quality fabric for bags, pj's, aprons and other clothing. What she didn't expect was quilters to come in looking for quilt fabric and supplies. The owner doesn't quilt but she is so willing to carry what people want. Even if she isn't quilt savvy I want to see her succeed. Isn't that how we feel when someone is friendly and helpful? So here is my blatant advertising for a new business. (she opened in June) If you are ever in the area be sure to look her up!!
You have to look closely or you'll miss it! It's called Material Girls fabric on 7th street in Redmond, Oregon.
Leslie has a nice selection of clothing patterns.

It's a small shop and she is leaning towards the brighter fabrics. She also has some wonderful gifty type items.

She has quite of bit of cute trims, ribbons and rick rack too.

One more stop I made in Portland was to Acorns & Threads- a cross stitch shop. I've been wanting to try my hand at a little primitive cross stitch. The store and the web site is amazing. The place was really busy so I didn't feel comfortable taking any photos, but I did pick up some linen and a cute pattern. I'm hoping to show you the very humble results later in the week. Please don't laugh too hard. I've decided to stick with quilting!!!


  1. I will have to check out that shop in Vancouver, looks great. Nice promo for Material Girls, Leslie is so nice and helpful too!!
    Love her flannels too, I got some monkey flannel for my little Hayden and some cute trucks on another prints.

  2. I haven't been to Acorns in Threads in years. Not since my former cross stitch days. I was wondering if it was still there, and I'm happy to know they are still doing so well. If you like needlepoint, In Stitches in NW Portland (Forest Park) is great.

  3. I love the shops that have such friendly people in them, it makes me go back. You are breaking out, first the bright fabrics and now cross stitch.

  4. I love Juniper and Mistletoe! I've just ordered the book... what a lovely time you've had!

  5. What a lovely day you have had! My biggest dream is to go to US and visit some of the lovely quilt shop's that you have......

  6. Thanks for the tour and the shop suggestions. I am traveling in the NW next fall and am planning my stops already.


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