Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I put together this little top this past summer using some blocks that I had leftover. I had with it, what I thought was going to be the border. (it isn't the one you see in the photo) I laid it out the other day with the border fabric and I thought it would make a nice colorful Christmas quilt. It just so happened that very day I made a random stop at a quilt store that is back open for their liquidation sale. I saw this striped fabric almost immediately and thought of this quilt top. I think it'll be a fun happy holiday quilt!! Now I just want to figure out how wide I can cut the borders to miter and use the whole fabric. I can't imagine using this in any other project. What do you think of it? I'll probably have the stripes going away from the fabric instead of down the side like it is laid out.
Here is the adorable label Sue Spargo made for the donation quilts to The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. It could be a little quilt all by itself!

Here are the two little quilts ready to send in. Yeah, I know the one on the right is a wee bit slanted. Well, that adds to the charm, don't you think? LOL That one is all wool with a cotton back and binding. The one on the left is a mix of wool and cotton.

I've had these block finished for awhile too and thought it was time to get them together. My design wall isn't large enough so I laid them out in a spare room. (that's hardly large enough either!) I snapped this quick photo so I could see what blocks need to be rearranged a bit. For some reason I can see these things better with a photo.
Time to get my day started!!


  1. Golly, you've been prolific! LOVE the new Christmasy quilt.

    WV: turigra, a special form of viagra (the less detail about which, the better, I think)

  2. I love it just the way you have it. Great fabric, It really add to the blocks.

  3. The border is great! Your Alzheimer quilts are just awesome. I always find that if I take a pic I can see where I need to rearrange.

  4. The border looks great. You'll have a Christmas quilt done in no time.

  5. Very pretty! It's funny, I've noticed that I can spot mistakes in quilts easier in a photo too...I wonder why that is?

  6. I use my camera to help me organize my scrappy blocks too. The too bright or too dark areas show up so much better through the eye of the camera!

  7. I think that border fabric is perfect for that quilt! And I love your two blocks too.

    And I'm like you - I like to take a picture of a quilt to see if there is rearranging I should do (I learned the hard way after piecing a quilt with a block all akilter and didn't notice it until after it was quilted.

  8. The border together with the red squares makes the top very christmasy, lovely! I always wanted to sew a quilt like the last one, great.
    The camera is really a big help for me too. I can see the colour balance better in scrappy quilts.

    And the writing on the doors is indeed french, it reads "la découverte de " and then "genre humain" which rings a bell as being a famous quote if only I could remember. The couples look ever so breton though. I come from Brittany and I have bowls and stuff with the same drawings!
    Take care.

  9. oooh, that stripe is so pretty!
    I love it with the pieced center of the quilt.
    Isn't Sue Spargo the best? I took a workshop with her a few years ago -

  10. the stripe fabric is beautiful
    I love the way it looks with your quilt.
    I like using strips for bias binding too !
    ok love the label, very creative!
    I have always wanted to make the last quilt, , love the look of those blocks all together.
    good for you finishing it up!

  11. What accomplishments! Do you mind if I "channel" you to inspire me?? I love the red one pictured at the top. I'll bet it was fun to put together.

  12. I love that border fabric and the Sue Spargo blocks look wonderful. The bottom quilt is one of my favourites.

  13. I sure like the border fabric you found. What a great label and the Sue Spargo quilts are so fun!

  14. nice quilts, like them all. I do like the Christmas quilt. Have fun finsihing it. Will it be hand quilted or machine quilted?

  15. You got so much done, great job! I really like the red in your setting squares, and your other quilt top is so pretty.

  16. Unsure how I missed this post but sure glad I caught it or I'd have missed the scrappy block one! Love that!! Oh and the red one too...geez..quilting is addicting.

  17. Too much cute stuff! I love the striped border fabric! And the quilt is darling too! Cute woolly projects! And the big four patch is wonderful! You always have so much to show us!

  18. I love your Alzheimers quilts. I'm sure they will be a worthy addition to the cause...


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