Monday, January 18, 2010

Necessary Bundles

I think the name for this pattern is so cute. It's called Necessary bundle by
Primitive Pieces by Lynda. I'm not sure how "necessary" they are but they were sure fun to make!

I made a sample for me so I'd be familiar with the construction. The bag on the left opens at the top and fits a quilting book perfectly. The 3 cotton pieces are pockets on the front. I did the applique in wool.
That is a little sewing rollup on the right.

Here is the roll up opened. There is a pocket at the top and little pockets at the bottom right above the year.

Here are the two pattern/book bags I made for a shop sample. The little one will hold patterns and whatever else you might be toting along.

These were fun to make! If you have the pattern I suggest appliqueing before sewing the front and back together.


  1. So cute...where do you find the time for all you do Lori?

  2. Even if they are not 'necessary' they sure are cute!

  3. I do believe this IS necessary - because it's just too cute.

    They are adorable, Lori.

    They say "fun" to me.

  4. Great patterns! Your workmanship is beautiful!

  5. Oh they are soooooooo wonderful!

  6. Absolutely adorable and definitely necessary! Love the sewing roll up -
    Great job...
    Thanks for visiting too!

  7. Yours are absolutely "necessary" looking. They are so charming!


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