Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vicksburg BOM

I finished the little cherry wreath of the Vicksburg BOM. I took a bit of liberty making my version. It seems like I am cutting my pieces just a tad too large, then I have a hard time getting everything to fit. I eliminated about 1/2 of the leaves on this block and I think it will be OK with the rest of the blocks.

I got my Wool Crazy book in the mail today!! I can't wait to get a chance to sit down and look through it.
It's a beautiful sunny day here for a change. It is really refreshing!!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Football tomorrow!!


  1. The BOM is coming along beautifully! Have fun with your new book and the football :) Christine

  2. Love your BOM! I hope you like your new Wool Crazy book!! I LOVE mine!!Can't wait to make the quilt! Paulette

  3. I think your BOM block looks great. I think leaving off some of the leaves was a good idea, wish I had.
    Enjoy your Sunday.


  4. I love your blocks! That is going to be a great quilt! :-)

  5. Your blocks look wonderful. I am looking forward to watching it grow.

  6. blocks are looking good!
    I really am interested in that book, is it a how to book?
    one quilt pattern in it?
    I read on someone else's blog she bought it too but not a review of it...

  7. It looks great so far and even though you took out some leaves, I think it's perfect.

  8. My favorite is the eagle with the stripes. He, and the other blocks, look great.

  9. You're making great progress on your blocks. I have no confidence in my applique work, so I do very little of it. I just thoroughly enjoy seeing what others do.
    Your work is lovely.

  10. Those blocks look really great together. I like your colours. I'll have to try and get a squiz of the book called Wool Crazy - sounds interesting!

  11. Did you know about the Wool Crazy Sew Along?? Check here:

    I really want to join too!

  12. your blocks look great. I especially like that blue stripe for your eagle -


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