Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little of This..A Little of That

Thank you for posting your CC&C links! I'm loving every quilt!! Please, even if you are not finished and it's in pieces on your design wall or table, snap a photo and show us. If you do not have a blog please email me the photo and I'll link it up!
Did I mention there's be a random drawing at the end?? C'mon, don't be shy!!!

I have been working on a few projects but nothing really to show.

I pieced the backing for the George Washington quilt, adding the Declaration of Independence, the Martha W block and a few other bits and pieces. I was hoping to possibly get it quilted before President's Day but that is coming too fast!

I've also been machine quilting my Christmas quilt, which means it is set up for quilting and I can't move on to other projects until it's done. Good motivation huh?

I have been doing a little hand applique on the Vicksburg BOM, although I have to admit the Wool Crazy is pulling me in every time I have a few minutes for handwork. I told myself I'd do 10 minutes of applique a day on the BOM, then I can work on the wool applique.

I can't leave you without a photo so here is a few fabrics I've pulled out for my class next week. Looks like I'll need to purchase a few more brights while I'm there. This is a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm ready for it!


  1. See all the CC&C quilts in progress has been so much fun. I can't believe how many people with blogs I follow have participated. Very fun!

  2. You changed your header. Nice quilt!

    I have been visiting all the bloggers that have been working on your Cheddar project. Interesting to see the fabrics each person selected.

  3. my cheese and crackers quilt took an unusual turn!, I'm not done with it, but it makes me smile anyway...
    It's now, "Feels like grandma's house".... When I get the top done I'll let you know. You have many projects going! Sounds all good and productive!

  4. Love your header quilt! And it looks like you have some fun fabrics to play with :o)

  5. We have the wool crazy book coming to the shop. We are so excited and can't wait to get started.

  6. I finished my CC&C top over a week ago but I can't get a decent picture. I'm going to try taking outside tomorrow to use natural light. Wish me luck finding a quilt holder who will stand in 2-1/2 feet of snow. ;)

  7. What fun fabrics you have in that pile...can't wait to see what they grow's always fun to hop out of our box every once in a while...although I usually jump back in pretty quickly.

  8. Those are some luscious, non-Lori-type fabrics. They do look like fun.
    I keep checking on the little cheddar quilts that are being posted. You must feel like a proud mother hen! They're all wonderful little projects.

  9. have fun working with the brights. it is fun to see everyboday quilt.


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