Friday, March 19, 2010


This scrappy little crib quilt was one I thought about doing as a quiltalong. Instead of doing set in seams I thought we could assemble it on the diagonal. Test photo....

This is as far as I got! Trying to keep it all straight would have driven me batty. I think the idea is to have fun not go nuts!! LOL
This will NOT be our quiltalong.
My online friend Carol finished her Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt. I never get tired of seeing this one!!

Viridian started her CC&C using double pinks for the centers. WOW! I'm really loving this one!!

Another CC&C quilt top done by Quilts on the Way and Jean. Way to go ladies!!

If anybody else has finished one I'd love to see it!!


  1. The little doll quilt is wonderful! I can see that it might test one's patience!

  2. I would definitely like to make that one! If I was doing it on my own, I would piece the color sections as a unit (like ocean waves) and use partial seams to assemble them thus avoiding doing any set in seams. I think that would be easier than piecing it on the diagonal. I use partial seams a lot and am so glad I learned the technique years ago.

  3. I am ready for this new & beautiful quilt-along !

  4. What a marvelous crib quilt! It does look complex. I can't wait to see what you find next! Thanks from saving us from going nuts :0)

  5. oh its beautiful
    but I have to agree with you,it would be a test of patience but so worth it.....hmmm I am filing it away for future torture, I mean use :)
    I never tire of seeing these cheddar cheese quilts, was hoping one would appear in my mail box!

    make sure you check my blog tonight or first thing in the am , a little hint ......giveaway time!

  6. Oh, but I got very excited there. I'm sure you'll find something great. Maybe, just maybe I would attempt it myself but thanks for thinking of the frustration level for us.

  7. The new quilt along did seem like a good idea. Your red background was nifty. I liked Viridian's pink center version very much! Now, why didn't I think of that. Hmmm, might have to start another one (seriously, not kidding). Thanks for posting the finished ones. Mine is still a top (hanging head in shame).

  8. I may just work through the frustration of making this one myself!

  9. Well this Karen sure loves seeing the continual CC&C's coming in. Thanks for sharing. I AM IN LOVE with the double pink center version. Might have to make another one. Three? I know and I haven't even worked on my hand quilting which really I should get on that but you know where my head is at... hee!

  10. Oh man, I love that crib quilt. But we don't want to go crazy - I'm crazy as it is!

  11. This is a lovely little beauty, Lori. I'm ready for a new adventure whenever you are.

  12. I love that quilt! You do have an eye for picking them- I'm still thinking about working out the devil's claw with all the little 1/2 square triangles as well. Crib and small quilts at least have a chance of getting finished...

  13. Hi Lori -
    thanks for saving us! It's a lovely quilt, but looked very tricky!
    happy quilting and have a great day.
    can't wait to see that decide on

  14. wonderful colors~!~love all of that red~!!!~ isn't it amazing how many blocks use a half square triangle type block~!?!~

    i, too, am anxiously awaiting the next little quilt-along and am sure it's going to be fabulous . . . although i need another project like i need a hole in the head~!~lol



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