Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More from the "Antique Quilts for Sale Booth"

I thought it was about time I showed you some of our wonderful purchases from the Sisters show. (There were five of us, I only purchased the last quilt top) I guess I should find out if they have a business name...
Actually this first quilt was what I slept under at my friend Randy's house. She had an antique quilt on all of our beds when we arrived! I did have plenty of pillows too but removed them so I could get the full effect of the quilt. It is a simple 25 patch but what joy it is to see it and get to sleep under it.

Look at this happy quilt from the 30's!! What an awesome blue and so much fun to see the variety of fabric. It had a cute little flower hand quilted in the center of the plain blue squares.

And how about this great quilt? Simple, big and effective. I showed you the toile on the back on my last post. That gave it such a nice touch.

Here's another terrific scrappy quilt top. I love the bold use of the pink and green print.

Are you seeing a scrappy theme here? The changing placement of lights and darks really gives this quilt its charm. Look how many different fabrics were used!!

Blue and white never goes out of style. The little square in the center of the photo was a patch job. It looks pretty good to me.

Here's the quilt top that I bought. It has a few issues, so I think I'll be removing a row and using the setting fabric to replace the damaged squares.

The clover fabric looks purple but I'm not sure if it started out that way. It is such a fun print and really caught my eye.

Here you can see a little damage. Looks like it was probably good mouse nesting material. Check out the wonderful lightning-type tan print. Another fun and unusual one.

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  1. HI Lori
    What great eye candy!! I love the 9-patch, makes me want to start one today - resist! resist!
    I love that blue setting block. It's going to be hard to decide how to use my 9patch swap blocks, but I'll have to keep this one in mind.
    I also love the checkerboard on the white. So clean and pretty!
    thanks for great inspiration

  2. What a wonderful display of quilts. I really loved the blue and white! Beautiful.

    How nice it is to go to a place where in every room there is a quilt on each bed:) Love that!

  3. What a wonderful show, I love antique quilts but never see one in reality... :(
    Your buyed top is really beautiful !

  4. They are great. The blue sparkles in that one. I am glad you were able to get a few you liked after your post about the cost of the other being too high.

  5. Wonderful quilts! I especially love the 9-patches and the blue & white. The one you bought is great. Can't wait to see it after it is fixed and quilted.

  6. WOw - you BOUGHT all those quilts? Lucky you! I've been to Sisters before, although not during the quilt show - the whole town caters to quilters so the shopping is heavenly!

  7. I love the quilt in your background header. Is that one of yours? Mind if I try making a miniature quilt with that as inspiration?

  8. I wonder if the makers loved their quilts as much as we do. The simplicity is beautiful. I need to remember that!

  9. All absolutely gorgeous I would have any one of them in my collection. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Back form our holidays I spend a "few" minutes on your blog and saw so much stunning antique quilts that I will have to come back. I am afraid I won't be able to remember them all in once ;-)

  11. Your antique quilts are lovely - I really love the 30's blue one that is on point. The blue and white one is a classic looking quilt.
    Good luck with your repairs- I am sure it will look like new when you are all finished.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  12. that classic two color blue and white quilt is awesome~!!~
    you know, i really adore two color quilts but find myself getting a bit bored by them when working on one . . .

    i think i like the fascination of discovering different fabrics used in various combinations like the ones found in your nine patch. these tops can be especially fun to hand quilt as it allows time to really see every detail as one sets in the stitches.
    will you be hand quiling your new top?

    i very much enjoyed your quilt show today ~ thank you for sharing all of these lovely beauties.


  13. oh Lori
    love the quilts , so fun to see them all.
    ah the quilt in the header picture of your blog is that the one you bought?
    it is a beauty... a mini in the future maybe????

  14. Lovely quilts especially the scrappy ones.

  15. they are inspiring and make you want to snuggle under them.

  16. Oh, I think that I would have picked the same top that you did! It is a charmer & it's always great to see old quilts and tops.

  17. They are all amazing quilts. Scrappy quilts are my most favorite antique quilt. Hope someone that is close to you owns the ones you couldn't bring home, so you can visit them when you want. A wonderfull array of inspiration. Thanks for sharing them.

  18. What a fantastic show...thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Lovely quilts - thanks for sharing them.

  20. What beautiful quilts! I love them all and I love the scrappiness of them. You must be having so much fun studying each individual piece of fabric. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  21. The quilts are wonderful, I really enjoyed seeing the nine patch with blue. What a treat for you to see them all.

  22. such wonderful inspiration for my am reading. I love scrappy quilts, but have tended to shy away from them myself - not sure exactly why. I just loved them all...
    I was particularly drawn to the two color blue and white. Such a classic. Thank you so much for sharing. It was a joy to read this post.

  23. Hi Lori,
    thanks for your kind comment, I'm honored, really!! Your blog is a school for me, I read all your explanations about patterns, colors, style of quilts.
    Of course I want to make strawberry fields and cheddar quilt as soon as I'll have rigth fabrics.
    Thanks also for this post, always instructive.

  24. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts! Some of these are just tops, right? I like the one you bought, hope it was not too expensive. What a great time you all had in Sisters!

  25. Hi Lori! Love all those vintage and antique quilts...doesn't it just inspire you to go out and make some of them? What fun to sleep under these beauties!

  26. I love old quilts. Don't you wish we could find that great gray fabric.

  27. Great quilts! Thanks for letting us "come along" with you to the antique quilt booth. That mostly red quilt surprised me - what era would that one be from? I like it a lot!

  28. Lori what a treat to see all those quilts, But I must say I jumped when I saw the last one: I am so happy you bought that one!
    I hope you find a good way of fixing it. Thanks for sharing these treasures with us!

  29. These are all great! Hard to pick a favorite!
    The blue and white is great , and what is it about big blocks of small squares..? Simple is always so fabulous... I love them...

  30. Wow! How wonderful to actually own these antique quilts. Sounds like yours is going to look like new when you are done with it even though it is old. Old and new, the perfect combination.

    I just posted my completed QAL quilt Pumpkin Fields and want to thank you for the fun QAL you hosted once again. I love my own and it is in time to celebrate autumn too.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  31. What fun to sleep under an antique quilt at your friend's home.
    I think the scrappy quilt would make a good reproduction quilt.

  32. Oh those are LOVELIES! and I love the quilt in your header!!!!!

  33. Great quilts! I love the feel of a vintage quilt and nothing beats a quilt top to give you a real look at the fabric colors and styles...

  34. Love the antique quilts - how thoughtful of your friend to have them on the beds as she surely knew how much you would enjoy them. The quilt you purchased is fantastic - I'm always on the lookout for the unusual fabs too.

  35. Love your quilts and thanks for sharing the photos. What would you do with a hand pieced grandmother's flower garden quilt top from probably the 30's - 40's so it could be used or displayed? It is in excellent condition. I'm stuck on what to do.

  36. I love all of those quilts - exactly the ones I would buy too. Lovely.


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