Friday, September 24, 2010

Baker's Star and More...

Do you remember seeing another one of these? Libby sent me two vintage stars all assembled and I appliqued them. You can read about the process here. This one I actually appliqued on wrong but if I remember right Ann Champion mentioned this one looks more like a flower and the other was more like a star. I sent Libby a finished little quilt and I like the idea that I will have one and she will have one.

I used a piece of fabric that looks like a vintage tablecloth for the backing.

Anybody else sensing a pumpkin theme with the Wool Crazy round robins? This time I put a little kitty inside. And look, there's my acorns!

There's room for Kaaren to add a bit of stitching. I can't wait to see it all finished.

I received the cutest scissor fob from Darlene. It's hard to see on the black countertop but it is adorable. I love the little card her hubby designed too. Thanks Darlene.

I'm all current on my Soot and Ashes blocks. I think the last three will be applique.
I received the Sunshine Award from Emily. I think I'm supposed to name so many blogs, but how can I choose just a few from so many wonderful ones? I would like to mention Karen Dianne at Lee Haven. She makes fun of my typing and makes me crack up all the time. You are all an inspiration and you've brought a lot of sunshine into my life.

Quilt show report next week!! Oh, yeah, I'm going to a quilt show today too! Double quilt show report next week.


  1. Love your kitty and those acorns are GREAT! Your soot and ashes is wonderful!

  2. oh the star is beautiful and I think it was such a nice thing for you to send Libby a finished one!
    have fun at the show!!!!! make sure you capture those antique quilts!!!!
    the soot and ashes blocks make me want to join in the fun

  3. That pincushion is looking very, very nice. It is fun watching it's progress. Looks like you all had a great time in PA. I'm sure those little excursions add years to our lives.

  4. The RR pincushion is so fun! I am sure Kaaren will love it. I am anxious to see how the soot and ashes mystery quilt comes out.

  5. Great post Lori! All of your projects are wonderful and the wool pincushion is just so cute!

    Have fun at the quilt show...

  6. The wool is looking great, love the addition of the kitty and acorns. You are making this all up as you go, correct?

  7. Are you going to Quilt Expo? I'll be there in a couple of hours.

  8. Oh my word, these wool pincushions are so wonderful!!! I'm loving seeing them "grow".

    It does look like a vintage tablecloth - and it's a great backing!!!

  9. Your star flower looks beautiful! Your little kitty turned out very cute. Have fun at the show!

  10. I'm getting excited, Lori because soon my pincushion will be making it's way home. I can't wait! Love the kitty in the pumpkin!

    Great job on absolutely everything!

  11. You are into acorns now! That was a very good addition to Kaaren's wool crazy piece. I have Paulette's to do and I just got an idea this morning for it. Have to see if I can fit it in.

  12. Wow...Wow Lori...just LUV EVERYTHING!!!!

  13. Oh I LOVE that star! I need to find me one of those in a shop and make a small quilt!

  14. That applique star looks great...nice to share! The wool applique looks great too...the acorns are super cute!

  15. I do remember the stars and think it's lovely to be able to share with Libby. It's like having your heart shared in friendship. Isn't that scissor fob so cool? (why is that word 'scissor' so hard to spell?) Soot and Ashes is killer. Diggin' that a whole lot. Now as for the wool. That darn kitty is too cute you know. Just too cute. Makes me fall in love. What a neat, neat piece. Looking forward to watching this come around. ...and by the way, I checked and that Karen Dianne person was sleeping today but I woke her up so she could see everything lovely and happy. She needed it. :)

  16. Scrappy Vintage - what can be better then that? Love the Star!

  17. Love the baker's star, Lori...and the little cat in the pumpkin is just too adorable.
    Enjoy the quilt show. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  18. I sure love those wonderful wool pincushions you all are doing...your kitty is wonderful! Love your star, as before...just super. What do you think of soot and ORANGES?? I have been musing about that...

  19. Your star quilt turned out so great, and I love the fabric you used for the back. The Soot and Ashes is also really pretty -- I 'd like to do something like that in a doll quilt using mourning prints and shirting scraps.

    You have given me lots of ideas for using up the tons of wool scraps I have -- I love those pincushions.

  20. I love your Baker's Star Lori! Your pincushion looks fantastic and so do your Soot & Ashes blocks. I dying to see how they will be put together. Enjoy the quilt show.

  21. Love the kitty and oh goodness those soot/ashes blocks are dreamy!

  22. oh~!!~ it's so good to see yours all finished up and i'm all smiles every single time i look at mine and know that you have one too. thank you once again for being so exceptionally thoughtful~!!~

    LOVE those woolen acorns~!


  23. Hi Lori
    wow, what a fun filled post.
    I love the star and the backing fabric is inspired! love it.
    The wooly pieces get better and better they are too fun.
    Your S&A blocks are looking great, nice piecing friend!!
    can't wait for the show reports

  24. Your star quilt is beautiful!

    Your soot and ashes looks wonderful too. I still want to make a version...later. ;)

    I just love the wool applique! The weather is turning cooler here and it's starting to feel like Autumn. Those pumpkins and acorns are really appropriate for the season. :)


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